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  1. Sad news for this forum, hope everything is well and you know that you're going to be greatly missed around here. All the best.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Tomtom, why couldn't they just include that line in their letter, Council Tax Reduction is the new name for council tax benefit, I'm sure she's not the only granny thinking she's having her money reduced She should have a council tax bill which would show if she has to make any payments. yep, she had a bill a few weeks back, again she thought she was having her benefit reduced, something about a 'reduction award' if I remember correctly. Thanks for clearing it up
  3. Hi Everyone, My mother has just received a 'Council Tax Reduction' letter, she's retired, in her Mid 70's, living alone, with no savings in a council house, and receiving Pension Credit Guarantee, Carers Allowance and Attendance Allowance. The wording of the letter goes.... You do not have to contact us because any council tax reduction entitlement has already been applied to your council tax account and you will have already received your bill with any reduction applied. She's under the impression that she's now around £20 worst off each week due to this 'Reduction' . So my
  4. any one know the correct phone number for Ernst and Young? Plan to phone FSCS this afternoon, see if they can help. I'd really like to know if there's a six month window between receiiving a 'final response' from London Scottish and taking the claim to FSCS? Deloitte's say they 'may not be able to help' if we don't contact them within this time, so it doesn't sound that final. but I tend to be wrong about things like that p.s. does anyone know of any threads/cases where London Scottish have paid out on a PPI claim?
  5. Sorry Dx, I've been through 20 pages of threads about London Scottish and haven't found any where they've 'coughed'. The best advice was to phone the FSCS to ask wheather a claim could be brought against LS. I must have been looking in the wrong place. here's a section from LS letter which made me think I could no longer pursue anything against them... We write to advise you that following discussions between the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and London Scottish Finance it has been decided that all complaints that relate to PPI sold by LSF after the F
  6. So basically, what I think I'm asking, is that London Scottish being in 'Administration' isn't a valid defense? and that I that should continue with the claim to LS and forget about the Deliottes form.
  7. Thanks for that Dx, so you think I should go back to LS? Problem is, I've been really slack on this and the Six months that Deliottes have giving me to get back to them with this runs out on this saturday. I'm thinking I should upload the reply from LS that claims it's now a matter for Deliotte's and no longer a matter for them. Let you guys and girls have a look at it, cus I'm even more confused than usual how about if I sent a short letter to Deliottes asking them to clarify their role with this claim? Like are they acting as a CMC here ?
  8. I've tried going direct to LS, even inclosed the spread sheet I had so much help with from here. But LS claims it's now on longer anything to do with with them, Are you suggesting they're being misleading?
  9. Sorry dx, a CMC is a claims managment company correct? I thought the route I was taking it, the FSCS via Deloitte's was something very different. Maybe the only option I have because Scottish London are in 'Administration'. LS said they had to pass the case on to them because of the 'Admin' thing - LS are no longer responsible for PPI refunds. Are you sugggesting otherwise? SP, no reply from DLC since the letter was sent
  10. Thanks Brig, I'll send recorded then The letter from London Scottish seemed to imply that as they're in 'Administration' the FSCS via Deloitte's was the only way to go. I'm now wondering if there's an alterative. If so, can anyone say what they are ? I've read a lot about reclaiming PPI on here, but as London Scottish has gone belly-up none of that seem to apply to this case.
  11. would that include the threat of taking court action? 'cus it's for my elderly mother, and I'm really looking for the least stressful way to proceed. oh, and it's against London Scottish and they've gone into 'Administartion' - so I'm not sure if there is another way. Be interested to find out though !!! p.s. do I need to send this recorded? rather not spend the money unless I have to
  12. Quick question: London Scottish has passed on the PPI claim onto Deloitte's to resolve. Deloitte's form states that: By signing section H if we pay compensation we will 'step into your shoes' and take over the rights to sue LS. So the question is, should we trust Deloitte's to try and get the refund or take a different course? thanks, bobby
  13. Wow! as easy as that? Thanks ScarletPimpernel, I'll be sending it recorded delivery tomorrow, and double thanks for the quick reply:-)
  14. UPDATE: Just like any good horror story this one has just come back from the dead. To summarize what has gone before (the story really gets started back in post 73). Back in Feb 2011, I found out that my mother was being chased by DLC for an old loan from London Scottish. She'd paid a HUGE amount off, and still owned more than the original amount borrowed. And taking advice from members of CAG, I sent off a CCA request. It turned out that she had in fact taken out over 14 loans from London Scottish (one following on from another) and a lot of these had a balance which was 'rolled
  15. So basically, once I've got their reply for the PPI claim, I can add on their failure to provide a complete SAR and send both to the FOS. Therefore, the six months i have to send a complaint, can be from the time I receive their reply for the PPI claim, correct? I really didn't think of that. doh! thanks again , bob p.s. I just thought, the original reason for sending the SAR was to obtain info to help with the DCA, and not as attempt to reclaim the PPI. Should i make a complaint about the lack of info in the SAR, if only so that the DCA can't claim that i had the
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