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  1. thanks. I have followed up with that letter in #2 however. I'm now being told that in fact the postal order should have been not made payable to them, but to the original creditor!?
  2. I havent heard a peep. its now over the 30 day deadline I've seen mentioned here, what is the significance of that period?
  3. surely if they are acting on behalf of the agents then that is a simple assignment? (I may well be wrong and welcome any insight as to why I am if so...)
  4. I've posted two off recently, one to lewis group (who are acting on behalf of HSBC) and another to DLC (acting on behalf of halifax) BOTH have sent my money back stating that they dont have to deal with it and I should write to the original creditor, is there any truth whatsoever in this or is it some bizzare ruse? thanks.
  5. you dont need to copy in cohens I wouldnt imagine, they are the same entity.
  6. I had the same letter from them when I sent in a CCA request, search my posts and a thread I started about them (I cant post links here) has some feedback members gave me, including a link for a letter to tell them you are now in dispute.
  7. any advice on what I should do with the £1 postal order they've sent me? and should I send another one with my follow up letter, or does the fact that they have acknowledged that I sent one in the first place make that unnecessary? thanks for all the help everyone
  8. had a letter from them today, it says: "we refer to your recent letter in which you made a request for information uinder section 77-78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 for your partner's account listed above.* Please be advised we are not the creditor in this matter. The Creditor is HSBC bank plc and we are merely instructed to act on their behalf to recover any outstanding balance due. The statutory obligation to provide this information remains with the creditor and we therefore refund your £1 fee and suggest your submit your request to them directly. We trust this clarifies our position. Yours Sincerely Lewis Debt Recovery** *this bit is incorrect, I was writing about my own account not a partners ** it has been signed lewis debt recovery, not a persons name. anyway. my question is: is this legitimate, do they really not have to supply this?
  9. its a credit card with HSBC, from memory it was probably taken out in late 04
  10. would I be correct in thinking that having sent the CCA request on the 19th and royal mail track and trace confirming they recieved it on weds 20th october, the fact that I have not as today had a reply means the debt is now not enforceable?
  11. thanks. its unlikely that she does have any sort of history she worked until I was born and then was diagnosed with MS a few years after that, I'm guessing its 35 years since she worked, so unless DLA and its predeccessors include contributions then perhaps she will have to wait, shall look into that further though thanks.
  12. cheers, thats quite re-assuring. I've only really been looking into it in any detail for the past week and so really have huge gaps in my knowledge about the process and proceedings involved here, something I hope to remedy using the decent info shared by people such as yourself on these forums, so thanks again.
  13. thanks for the reply. am I right then in thinking that despite being 61 my mother can't get pension until my father reaches the pension age of 65?
  14. yeah of course that doesn't surprise me, I just can't see how anyone in a position where they are getting these sort of letters is suddenly going to be able to find a large sum of money, so they'll go to the courts and assuming their paperwork is in order get what? a couple of quid a week? (is there a set max the courts can order paid if I'm still out of work?)
  15. well from reading that thread thats stickied it'd appear quite a bit to hide actually! I also find it quite odd that they'd send apparently urgent letters by mailsort (or whatever the current equivalent is that take days to reach me) effectively giving me 3 days to cough up a figure that is greatly in excess of the £65 a week JSA I've been on since august...
  16. yeah I gathered that from things I've read on here. I also found it slightly odd that a solicitors company wrote to me with their address put down as a PO Box as though they were sellling pornos in the back of the daily sport.
  17. my dad is claiming carers allowance for looking after my mum yeah. as for their levels of savings, I believe its slightly in excess of the 16,000 that has ruled them out of one or two other things they have applied for of late. actually he's just bought a new car so that might be under now.
  18. Hello, I wonder if anyone could clarify something for me, my dad just asked if I could find out whether or not my mother is entitled to state pension in addition to (or instead of) her current benefits, their details my parents are both 61, my mother has not worked for a very long time (she has MS and also recently cancer) my father is recently retired. my mother recieves disability living allowance for help with personal care at middle rate and with help for getting around at higher rate, both awarded indefinitely. is my mother additionally entitled to a state pension?
  19. it was posted on the 19th and they recieved it on the 20th. I wouldn't say I was worried so much as curious as what I should be doing next (i've never got involved in all this before, previously I have ignored things...) and wonder if the fact that they have written to me since without acting on my request is a no-no on their part. they've given me till thursday 28th to pay the lewis group
  20. If I may I've just had initial contact from them, though I can't yet post links...
  21. Hello, after seeing some info here and recieving a letter from the lewis group 2 weeks ago, on the 19th I sent by recorded delivery a letter (found here I believe) and a postal order for 1 pound requesting a copy of the CCA, this was delivered on the 20th. however today I've just recieved a follow up letter from Howard Cohen and company dated 21st, I'm I correct in assuming that since I'd submitted a CCA request this should not have happened? would be greatful for any advise as to what my next course of action should be, many thanks in advance.
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