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  1. papasmurf, i have no criminal history, and this was a first incident for my wife. as for shoplifting and selling on ebay - can i ask how would selling a set of 20" alloy wheels on ebay suggest a history of shoplifting and selling on ebay for cash? have you tried lifting a single 20" alloy, never mind a whole set? its not like you can hide that under even the biggest jumper.... mighty mouse - the solicitor was turned away by the police on the basis that the interview wasn't going to take place therefore they didn't need him - however my wife was not told this and just left in her
  2. Thanks Rebel and Honeybee, I hope someone is able to offer some help soon as we are under a great deal of pressure at the moment. Shoeboxes x
  3. Hello Everyone, I hope you dont mind me posting up for your advice, I have heard some wonderful things about the CAG forums. Long story short, my partner was arrested two months ago for Fraud by misrepresentation for trying to pass off a dress in a high street retail store as being of a higher value (the reciept was manipulated to show the higher value). We have been suffered with immense debts for the last two years and she personally attempted suicide 4 months ago, so this was very much a moment of weakness. She has also been taking anti-depressants and at that time hadnt had any i
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