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  1. Funny how I was told by [EDIT], they do not perform Credit Notes unless your swapping services.
  2. I would have to agree with the bully boy tactics there. I have told the person who keeps ringing us, that we didnt find the service of any use - and I get time and time again the "well you should have done thing, and you should have done that, pay me". I have said I want to cancel - I dont want to use the service as it didnt do anything for us - I got, well speak to your account manager who will help tailor your search. No point, as the UK are not buying anything!! They will not issue credit notes. However, it is funny how they will do so if you say you may be interested in one of th
  3. Well this is true Cartaphilus - I don't like them at all. But if I can do it, why can't they or do they just go for the easier option?
  4. Thanks Cartaphilus for that!! Yes Coledog, I am sure they will try to call me tomorrow as I left my number on the email I sent, which I have told them it will cost £32 per hour (or part of) to speak to me.
  5. Too late, for that - I had told them this before consulting on here. I will know for next time. One thing though, can they affect out credit rating?
  6. Hi, thanks for the welcome Well...... Westscot SPV at Hull (which trying to locate them showed up your page and how they have not conformed to the CCA) and IND at Stamford. The one last year unfortunately, I cannot remember their name - but I could have swung for them. ItsNotMe!
  7. Hi We are sick to death of some of the Debt Collection Agencies harrassing us for debt that I have not run up - but a relative of mine, who has a similar name. We have answered their cards and called them, explained that I am a different person to who they are looking for, but yet, 1 month down the line we then get a threatening letter from them demanding monies owing. It is frustrating that we explain all this to them and then we still get the letters. A previous one - going back over a year now, basically called me a liar - which I am genuinely not. So now due to having to spe
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