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  1. No different faults - friday afternoon job!
  2. Bought an IMac from the Apple store in Touchwood, Solihull @ Christmas 2011 - it's now in for repair for the third time. It cost nearly £1000 and i feel that i'm being fobbed off by Apple. I know that i have rights under the sale of goods act but can i request a replacement? I run my own contracting business and cannot work without it, it's been in for repair now for 3 days with no end in sight as they're supposedly waiting for a part, even though there's a workshop on site. I've requested a new one but so far with no luck as they've said "we can't just hand out new machines to customers cos there's a problem" What are my rights?
  3. I've managed to contact my daughters former flatmate and she is in the process of posting off this first letter to the Halifax. What's next? Thank you for your help, it's really appreciated.
  4. Any advice on what to do is greatly appreciated, my daughter is having kittens over this and is talking about declaring herself bankrupt, her credit rating will be shot anyway now and she feels she has nothing to lose...any opinon on that SG??
  5. Thank you for all the good advice, I will fire off an SAR straight away and see what they come back with. I'll keep you updated. Once again, many thanks.
  6. many thanks for your help, it's appreciated.
  7. Hi all, this is my first post and I'm hoping for good sound advice. My daughter, through no fault of her own I might add, had her apartment repossessed 3 years ago by the Halifax, it was in joint ownership with a friend. The repossession was done and she was asked to take the discharge letter into the main Halifax branch in Birmingham city centre along with the keys and she was told that was it. Last week she received a letter from the Halifax demanding £22K (as was her former flatmate) stating that it was the amount owed to them after they sold on the apartment. She has no assets now and is currently out of the country and won't return until May 2011. She's due to marry in April 2011 and is afraid that the debt could be passed on to her husband to be. The question is what are her rights and could they claim the so-called outstanding amount from her husband to be even though the debt was incurred before she met him? Why has it taken them 3 years to decide that she owes them this amount of money? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thankyou.
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