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  1. Thanks for your reply. Im sure that i didnt mis-read the meter. I have had electricity bils in my name before in the past and have never encountered any problems. I have just spoken to npower who want to inspect the meter as the readings are very strange, the ending one is a smaller number than the first one I gave and because the readings is so high, the npower bill is for around 33.5 units per day, which every person that I speak to at Npower agree that it is unusually high. There is a live account for the property so they believe that someone is living there. I went round today an
  2. what are my options if chargeback doesnt work? I just spoke to the bank and they will verify the matter tomorrow, but it doesnt look very likely at the moment
  3. 27th april '10 with a credit card
  4. Hello, After moving out of my house i received an electric bill for £870 for the period Dec 09- July 10. I really feel that this bill is way too high and the first person (I have spoken to a few people from Npower now) I spoke to at Npower agreed with me, that it didnt seem correct. The bill is based on the meter reading I gave to Npower. The gas bill for the same period is £255. The heating and cooker were both run on gas. Given this I am worried that the electricity is being stolen, especially as some of the landlord's family live next door to this end of terrace house and the land
  5. ok thanks Ive just seen your question about a land registry search on the property, how would this help?
  6. the over payment occured as i did not cancel my diret debit in time, due to my not knowing if i was going to move out or not.
  7. Hi Mr Shed, Thanks for your speedy response. I have just checked the contract and the only address on the contract is the address for the house we rented. There is a section in the contract for the landlord address, however this is blank.
  8. Unfortunately I over paid my landlord one months rent. When i spoke to the landlord she said this was fine and she would return the money to me and I text her my banks details so she could do this. This was on the 7th oct. Since then i have tried calling her and texting her but she hasnt answered her phone nor replied to my texts. I have also emailed her on the 21st, so fairly recently, but she still has not replied. A relevant point may also be that she is attempting to withhold the whole deposit, an issue which one of my other ex-housemates is dealing with, thanks to this forum. This ma
  9. Hi there, In may of this year i bought some fire fans from the above company. When they arrived we discovered that they were not made very well at all due to bad soldering (the fans are mostly made of metal) one of the fans (from two sets) broke the first time we used them and on another one of the links was very weak and therefore is likely to break. Therefore we complained to Trick Concepts and offered to return them to USA where the comapny is based as we wanted a full refund, a replacement would not do as we could see that they were just made badly. Each set had cost us over £100 each
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