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  1. @dx100uk @Peterbard Thanks for your advice chaps, much obliged. I will CCA Arrow and see what they come back with. Cheers
  2. Hi @dx100uk, I thought the CCA was page 1 & 2 in the linked doc, provided to me by Egg as part of the DSAR. May I ask why a CCA request is the way forward to challenge the balance? thanks.
  3. @Peterbard There are some statements I'm sure, what's the relevance? I say an IVA, I just agreed to pay them £5 per month to start which has increased along the way. All can be seen in the linked PDF posted earlier.
  4. Hi All, I have discovered a issue with an Egg loan that I've been paying off since forever and I think they have stuffed me on the starting balance. Getting to the point of my post, I took an Egg loan for £4000 in February 2001, paid it for 7 months before becoming unemployed and defaulting on the loan. Much happened at this time and I ended up moving a lot as well as being technically homeless. I finally got settled and entered into an IVA with Eversheds for £5.00 per month in June 2005 and have since been making payments. My issue is that having paid over £2,900 the balance is still in the region of £3,147.86! I DSAR'd Egg back in 2011 and have the information in the attached PDF. According, to their own information they defaulted me 29/04/02 when the balance was £3,697.39 and marked non-acrr. The balance remained the same, or at least no changes shown until 20/11/02 when a £60 "Waive Fee" and £226.04 "Bad Debt Charge Off" fee increasing the balance to £3,983.43 Next change is when the loan account is sold to Arrow and the balance becomes £4,859.43! Opinions and advice very welcome! EggLoan.pdf
  5. Thanks once again ims. I will follow your advice and report back as and when. Cheers, MC
  6. Update: it seems that Barclays have stumped up part of a refund (on loan 1) to the tune of around £2,500. However, we are still short the rolled over portion, amounting to approximately £300. Interestingly, although Barclays wrote saying that they rejected a refund on loan two, they have not written to confirm the claim/payment that they made on loan 1; which was probably two weeks ago. You would think that they would would write and explain the payment made. So I am wondering why they haven't, perhaps they are leaving us in the dark until the time limit to complain to the FOS has expired? Some advice please would be greatfuly appreciated. i.e should we forge ahead with a complaint to the FOS or wait until the deadline has expired for Barclays to respond to the PPI claim? I'm inclined to go to the FOS now as they have rejected the loan 1 portion, which means that our claim will not be fully dealt with. ???????? Thanks in advance.
  7. Ok, so we have received a response and I'm now not sure how to proceed. The claimant received two letters of acknowledgement, intially we thought that one was just a duplicate. But now he has received a further letter, which rejects the claim on the second loan on the basis that there was no PPI on it. So it looks like they have split the claim into two; hence the two acknowledgements and the final response as regards the second loan. It sems to me that as Barclays won't be offering a repayment on the rolled over portion of PPI, then the whole claim has not been dealt with properly. Do we have to wait for the response on loan one before going to the FOS or should we proceed with a complaint to them? Cheers, MC
  8. Hi ims and thanks for your reply. OK that is clearer. Yes that has been some umming and ahhing as regards which route to take and the claimants decision is to go via the FOS. As I have been out of the loop for some time, I'm a tad rusty on the process, but will re-read the necessary info. I guess I need to complete the stat interest excel sheet, complete the FOS questionaire and send it off to Sharklys. Just one question if I may, as regards what the insurance paid out, do I just deduct what they paid from the final figure on the stat interest excel sheet? Thanks again ims for your help and advice. MC
  9. Hi ims, Hope you are well and apologies for the extreme delay in updating this thread. The current situation is that, following the complaint to the ICO, we received the DSAR from Sharklys (7 months after the original request). All of the required info appears to be present, but it has thrown some light on something quite odd. On the loan account statement, there are three consecutive payments made from: BIDL CLM SERV A/C to the loan account. Which we assume is when they paid the monthly loan payment as a result of the insurance claim, before Sharklays refused to make any further payments. But, and it is a big but, they were still taking the payments from his current account as well! The three payments made from BIDL CLM SERV A/C in July/Aug/Sep 2002 are all followed by the usual Standing Order payment; a check on the current account statements of the same period confirms that the payments went out as usual (despite the insurance claim). A bit naughty don't you think! How does this impact the reclaim? I must admit to being totally confused now as a result of this and am not sure how to apply the payments to the spread sheet. Any advice greatfully received. Regards, MC
  10. Hi ims, Good to hear from you too, hope you are keeping well. Once again, thanks for jumping to my aid. Nope, deafening silence from Sharklys. I've just emailed a fromal complaint to the ICO, can we still send an lba? Thanks for the link, I shall digest. Thanks, MC
  11. Hi again, long time no post as I've been super busy with work and other stuff. Barclays are still ignoring the DSAR request. I sent a letter 20/02 giving them a further 14 days to comply or further action would be taken without further notice; still nothing! So do we issue a court claim? Plus damages? Some help here please to get me started. Thanks MC
  12. Hi Newman, it's been a while since I have posted, but I have kept an eye on your progress and just wanted to say well done mate for giving these monkeys a damn good run. I know from personal experience how our Surrey friends operate and I sincerely wish you every ounce of luck I can in shoving it to these barstewards. They need to be held accountable for thier actions and learn that they cannot continue to treat people the way that they do. Well done & best of, not that you are going to need any luck with the POC you have. MC
  13. Ok, I'm going to do some research and mull things over. Thanks for the advice again. MC
  14. Hi ims, Yep SOC and prelim letter, plus I sent a withut predujice offer along with it; thought it might help in the future or you never know they may have seen the sense. No LBA as yet. regards, MC
  15. Thanks for the advice ims, I guessed it would be something along those lines, but wanted to check. I'll get on it and report back as soon as there is any news. regards, mc
  16. Hi bb, hope you are well. I'm not sure that I follow, or maybe it is because dz100uk merged a few threads (on different topics) and now confusion reigns! The current topic of discussion is in regards to a Citi charges reclaim and I'm not sure how the ICO could assist, but if I'm just being thick then please tell me so
  17. Hi IMS, Apologies for the lack of info here recently, I've been otherwise engaged. OK, I have received a reply from Citi on or around 29th Oct. They have said, in slightly more words 'sod off, over 6 years old, ner..ner...ne...ner...nerrrrr, complaint closed!" So where do we go from here? Cheers.
  18. Hi all, just an update on this. Barclays have failed to respond in any way, shape or form to the DSAR. I beleive the 40 days were up today (possibly earlier). So where do we go from here? We were waiting on the SAR to do final calculations i.e. what they had paid back on the policy, which we beleive to be one months loan payment, before they pulled the plug on the basis that he was self employed (despite him being self employed from the outset). Complaint to the ICO & proceed with the claim and argue the figures later? IMS, anyone? Thanks.
  19. Hi ims, Thanks for the advice. I'll wait to see what the victim wants to do, which I think is going to boil down to the likelyhood of a sucessful court claim, and give andyorch a shout if need be. I'm just waiting for the SAR to come back so that I can check a few details, mainly how much they paid out on the PPI insurance before pulling the plug, which is believed to be one or maybe two months tops. Cheers again, MC
  20. Hi ims, Well, I would drop them a letter of complaint if only I had confidence that it would be delivered. But seriously, at best I'd get an apology and a refund of the recorded delivery cost, I can't really see the point. Thanks again. MC
  21. Sent my charges reclaim prelim' letter and SOC on the 7th by 1st Class Recorded and is still saying 'being progressed through out network'. I'm really fed up with RM, this must be third RD letter that they have failed to deliver in a matter of months. Bloody useless bunch of thieving wasters! I'm beginning to think RD is a waste of time and money, I'd have been better off sending the prelim' by regular 2nd Class and getting proof of posting, as at least if Citi then said 'Oh we didn't get it', tough because I have proof of posting and that's enough to satisfy a judge that you got it. Should I wait the 15 days that RM say they need to ascertain that something is actually lost or just send another copy 2nd Class and get proof of posting? MC
  22. Thanks again ims, as always you are a star. It is very reassuring that you have checked my calculations and to know that I'm not a complete maths numpty. So, as rergards the track, is this something that is open to argument? One would have thought that it should be fairly black and white, but not being very familiar with these things, what do I know! I guess a suitable tactic would be to include a reduced 'without predujice save as to costs' offer along with the prelim' letter and SOC, so Mr DJ can see that we did try to avoid going to court, which should have positive cost implications. MC
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