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  1. Thanks m8 yea I will give ahas a bell another thing that came up in the meeting was the incident apparently took place on Fri 25th aug. When we all Sat down the first thing the chair said was that the incident actually took place on thur 24th aug. But he produced my tracking report which had me in London on that day.
  2. I asked if I could apologise to the biker I asked if I could apologise to all and sundry I ate humble pie which I am not ashamed of. I asked for anger management I asked yo be suspended without pay I asked for basically the kitchen sink. But they didn't want to know. It wasn't my temper that got me here as the ROD should never have seen the light of day as It was heresay. I am shocked at the video evidence or lack of it. I will appeal and I will be contrite but it will come to nothing.
  3. The man that took the DM also bought up that ROD which was dated 31/5/17 when my manager and me had a discussion on it the date was6/6/17 I said to the bloke I have improved my customer relations no end since that meeting and I have 5 emails from various customers and builders to corroborate this. He wasn't interested one bit.He said it showed a pattern of rudeness and poor customer interaction
  4. That's what I am doing m8 have to wait for the letter to come thru.
  5. He said that as long as they have reasonable belief it will be hard to prove I did or didn't abuse the rider. Honestly their is no audio no helmet cam no nothing there is front and back cameras on the bike and in one shot you can see me for about 1 sec leaning out of my window looking at where the driver went. He then produced the worst bit of bike riding i have seen he went on the wrong side of the road into on coming traffic weaving in and out of lanes. Yet they still believed him
  6. Sacked due to their belief that the incident occurred even tho the video evidence showed absolute zilch.
  7. Ok thanks emmzzi and accept my apologies if I have offended you I hate feeling if I am being prodded and poked to see if I rise to the bait.
  8. Emmzzi I have 5 or 6 very good customers that I get on very well with. They are all willing to make statements saying how helpful I am the lady who complained wasn't even there it was her husband who told her.
  9. Bazza you really are boring do me a favour and leave the thread. I don't want input from a narcissistic oooh look at me I am stirring the pot antagonist. Is all this hate because I made you look stupid well forgive me because it certainly wasn't hard to do.
  10. The record of discussion was for a delivery I did. My company offers a kerbside only delivery. As I only done a kerbside the customer complained that she had paid for a delivery service where she wanted 10 fencing panels 15bbags of postfix and concrete posts put in her rear garden. In our company handbook it is driver discretion to assist if more than kerbside is required. I refused so the lady complained me and my boss had a ROD. that is it
  11. If my wife or lady drove like that I would fully expect them to be bollocked it is a dangerous and unnecessary act and ruins people's lives. And as for pulling over and letting her pass is that so she can continue to harass and bully and intimidate other drivers. Just say your kids were in front of her and God forbid they panick and crash would you say ah sure no worries you should have just pulled over. There are people out on those roads who don't give a stuff about driving rules and courtesy if I can tell someone to get the eff off my arse and it stops the above scenario then I will.
  12. My manager hasn't made a statement I have made a 7/8 line recognition of events that I remembered I can and do converse in ways that are socially accepted and I do so with manners and respect. Until I am provoked into as you say put downs. Now if these people who provoke and prod me into these put downs don't like what I say then there is a simple answer. Don't try and belittle me or try and push my buttons hoping I will rise to the bait and start effing and blinding, then you can all sit on your laptops or computers and say see he is a wrongun. I am by far a pussycat and I can be a nasty Bastard but as I said I can be eloquent and calm and refrained. As I will be on tue
  13. The stooge part bazaa as it seems to have gone over your head is for you buddy in response to your film making. You seem to be like a director sitting in the wings and every once in a while pipe up some splurge. Now if you have something worthwhile to add please go ahead. If you don't well I suppose it could end up on the cutting room floor. Thank you sir for your thoughts and please don't think I am being antagonistic by calling you sir. I am going to tell the truth as I do I honestly can't remember that much about this incident. All I do know is I never done anything remotely like what this man is saying and how my bosses can conclude that his evidence can be anything like what he says is beyond me. But tue will tell I suppose.
  14. Mr RI it's defo a DM I am having. If this evidence shows the biker to be lying are there any legal steps I can take
  15. Wow Mr Bush your cv must be something to behold not only are you a part time drag racer as well as an anger management expert but your now a layside preacher who deems someone to be well past redemption. I give thanks that I have found you as your service's will bear me in good stead.
  16. Ahhh spitfire that makes too much sense m8 a speeder without a conscience is a dangerous thing.
  17. Don't know m8 if it's bike cam or what I am pretty sure it wasn't on his helmet.cant be sure.
  18. Ooh look the speedster is back. Mr bush are you an anger management specialist if you are I hope your better at that than sticking to speed limits.
  19. Emmzzi I am calm and I will respond to any perceived digs. This hostility is coming from all sides. I only wanted an answer to a relatively simple question. And then YOU decide to act like a stalker and feel obliged to drag up my past. What ever you or your companions on here feel about how I answer your question or digs should not defer from the fact that I didn't warrant any such ridicule or bitterness.
  20. You are boring with your assumptions. You put people's lives at risk doing 37 in a 30 perhaps it was me tailgating you that made you do it. Perhaps you could get a supporting part playing a stooge
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