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  1. Hi

    Just reading through this excellent forum, and it seems that I may be able to find some much needed advice here.

    My problem is that my late grandmother was in an EMI residential home from 2005 up untill her death in november 2008.

    I was advised that due to the nature of my Nans condition she may have been entitled to CHC.

    in 2005 both my Nan and her Husband were admitted to hospital,My Grandad was admitted from home but my Nan was admitted from another care home because they could not cope with her condition. sadly my Grandad died in hospital and my Nan was in a state of confusion,(Not recognising anybody, unable to walk without holding on to furniture etc, and interfering with peoples belongings,Doubly incontinent, She was unable to understand her husband had died).

    As I was unable to cope with looking after my nan, I was forced by the hospital to find an EMI home for her, which she moved into in April 05 until her death inlate 2007.

    On the sale of her house, all the home fees were paid.

    I have since had a solicitor helping me try to recover this money, however the Local Health Board were not responding to letters, etc, thus creating a hefty solicitors bill for me.

    Also after 2 years chasing an independent panel review was scheduled for Nov 09 and Feb 10.

    Both of these were cancelled at short notice.

    As such I can no longer afford to pay the solicitors, so I have taken the file back from them, and I can see why the costs were so high, as the LHB were just not answering any letters,.

    It is also apparent that the LHB have finished gathering their information ready for the panel, but since they cancelled the last one in February I have heard nothing.


    Any help or advice will be very much appreciated.






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