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  1. Thank you for your help...will let you know word for word as to what is in the letter...and as said any help is very much appreciated...thank you
  2. Hi Will get my son to show me letter when he comes round tomorrow and will let you know word for word...
  3. My son went into to work today after having his 2 days off...the manager asked him to go straight into the office to which he gave my son the letter...the manager asked my son if he had anything to say...to which my son answered that all he has done is work over and above his duties and stopped customers stealing from the shop and he wasn't going to start stealing from them....and yes it is a high street supermarket...
  4. Hi There My son (and 2 of his friends) has been suspended from work on full pay on an allegation of theft. He asked his manager who made the allegation and what it was he was alleged to have stolen, his manager told him he is not allowed to know this until the allegation has been investigated and not to talk to his colleagues or enter any of the shops pf the company my son wrks for....any advice is very much appreciated... Thank you in advance...mum knows best...but not this time...
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