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  1. my dad bought a washer from ph, he was in hospital for three weeks and missed a payment so they phoned him three times while he was in hospital demanding payment even though i had been into the store and explained the situation, when he came home he went to the store to bring his account up to date they refused saying they didnt take payments on saturdays, i was livid and asked for the phone number to head office, they said they didnt give that information out and that they would get someone from head office to ring me i never recieved and phone call, a few months later my dad was in hospital again this time he was seriously ill and given a few days to live i got in touch withthe store to explian things and all they wanted to know was when they could pick up the washer, i again asked for the head office number and got the same reply and surfice to say im still waiting for them to ring me.
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