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  1. Thanks Noddy, I do have the address but don't have a working printer at the moment and struggle with writing due to a hand injury. I'll have to bite the bullet and ring them if necessary, although as a previous poster said, it's unlikely they'll deal with me as it's not gone to my account. I also meant to comment on the first poster regarding bank bashing. Fair point, I agree it's not HSBC's fault. I wasn't sure where to put the query as I mentioned HSBC in it (requesting email address) I did get a reply from VWFS this morning, albeit without the use of a spell or grammar checker!!
  2. Thanks for the helpful replies so far. As mentioned though, have any of you got an email address for HSBC please? Thanks
  3. Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new to all of this! This is a complex one! Bit of background. 4 years ago my (now ex) partner took out car finance in his name although registered the car in my name. Regular payments were made from HIS own HSBC account until we split up in 2010. It was decided that I needed the car more than him so I took over the payments and notified the finance company (VWFS) of the new bank details from MY own HSBC account. I have email proof of this (and of course a record from my bank statements) I paid the finance off in full in August
  4. Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply - I was hoping you would be one of the 'repliers' cos I know you are one of the 'experts' on this subject! I have got a HP agreement regulated by the CCA 1974 which I can't scan at the mo cos scanner is being divvy! Typical! However there is a small section on repo rights which states that "If you do not keep to your side of the agreement but you have paid more than a third (£3,489.24) then we cannot take the goods back against your wishes without a court order. If we do take them back then you have the right to get back any money you have pa
  5. Hi there, I've been trying to read as many threads as I can (very useful btw!) but wanted to give my own story to double check that I have got the facts straight. I took (regulated) finance out on a Peugeot through Peugeot Finance in June 2007. Figures as follows: Deposit £300.00 Amount of Credit: £8,335.00 Total payable £10,467.73 (11.2%APR) Payments were £247 per month and were paid on time for at least 24 months, not including any PPI payments. In December last year I was made redundant and claimed for this and got all the repayments paid for by the PPI
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