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  1. thank you for your help so far appreciate it PPI Insurance! Just feel our mortgage company won't even listen to us now - we don't even owe £2,000! but i will give Shelter a ring on that number (thanks for that) and see what they suggest
  2. Thank you so much! I may not be able to reply over weekend as these are sent to my work emails....any help would be fantastic - hardly slept last night.
  3. hello - new to this so please excuse if it rambles on. Ok we were in severe mortgage arrears which we paid off in total - have been told that the suspension order is still in force. Due to the mortgage arrears being paid off - we had to try to get our finances in order - paying the water, having electricity & gas meters fitted.....which meant we didn't pay the mortgage for the past 2 months. We sent a letter to the mortgage company explaining - and also to query the suspended possession order. We had no reply back from Mortgage company and yesterday received a notice of
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