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  1. Thanks for the replies and good advice. I feel I am in enough trouble without disclosing Judge J full name. Any one else who has experienced his form of Justice will know who I mean. I believe it is normal for a Judge to take into consideration the whole background of a case before reaching a decision. I believe it is necessary for any Judge to take into consideration a disability or other special circumstances when making a Judgement and also to understand how that Judgement will effect the individual with the disability. I believe that if their is an ongoing case that has
  2. Why is it that certain threads appear to be censored on this site? I am glad that MBNA/Reston Solicitors are now accepting half their alleged debts. This does not mean what they are doing is still right or legal. The chances are that even half the debt is too much since they will have already written the whole debt of against tax and received tax relief on the debt and the cost to administer it. So half the debt is just a 50% Bonus to them and the staff concerned. Next year MBNA/Reston Solicitors are likely to have a record profits year and record bonuses paid to their staff at the c
  3. Thank you for your responce. It really does not matter who calls you or what religion they are. If you are in trouble with MBNA remember they are American. The UK Goverment is simply a pupet on a string for the Americans. Never rely on Justice, Fair PLAY, Your Lega Rights or your Human Rights . The Americans will do as they wish and our goverment will go along with it. Get ready to pay up the debt in full within one month or sell your house and live on te streets. I hate to bring this bad news to you but just check all the posts about America Banks and how many peop
  4. Thank you all for your positive support. Of course not every one will like or agree with a Judges decision in court. That can not be avoided. When Judges such as district Judge J systematically give Judgements that ignore the facts and ignore the Laws that have been created by a democratically elected government intended to protect the people of this country, then surly we have to consider how an unelected organisation such as Judges are able to use public money to protect and fund financially influential organisations such as Banks. The relationship between Laws that have
  5. Thank you for your comment. I am concerned at what I see as a total degradation of democracy by a few individuals. I have to admit that I also have a personal intrest in this. I do not know if in a few years time my own son might find himself faceing Judge J or if in ten years time my grand children my be unfortunate enought to find themselfs faceing Judge J. We all know that if you leave a bad apple in a fruit bowl then it is going to turn all the fruit bad. Democracy means that all members of our society deserve and have a right to a fair and impartial trial. In a crown court th
  6. Hi Thanks for your responce. Yes it sounds like the same Mr Judge J *m*s who sits at Aldershot and farnham county court. I have so far been contacted privatly by 12 Individuals with concerns about Judge J at Aldershot and Farnham county court. It would appear that no one is safe from his style of meverick type Judgements. 8 of he complaints relate to financial cases where charging orders have been given in the strangest of circumstances. It would appear that the quickest Judgement the Judge made took 4 minutes. Not even enough time for the consumer to enter the court and sit down.
  7. Thanks for your responce. I would just like to say that if you look hard enough you will allways find very cabable people who are willing to take on a challanging case just for the thrill of it and for the victory. I am no longer alone in this case. The £10,000 is just a begining , I feel that my backers have a bigger picture in mind that I am not aware of. The down side is that if they reach an out of court settlement with senior MBNA respresentatives I will never be able to tell the full story. This matter is now out of my hands. I am just glad that my bill will be paid. It's a s
  8. This week my wife and I thought we would try a bring some Christmas joy to our children after all the tidings of bad joy that MBNA/Reston’s and district Judge J have brought to our family this year. . Amongst the things we will be recycling this year was an old copy of ‘A Christmas Carol’. I had already explained to the kids why we could not afford a proper Christmas this year despite the fact that for the first time in over four years I have a permanent job. (Because district judge J decided that I have to pay MBNA/Reston’s £3900 in one go by Christmas, despite the fact that they ow
  9. Thanks for your replies. I have posted on another post what action I intend to take next against MBNA/Reston's solicitors. I want to be very clear about my concerns with a particular Judge ( Judge J). The complaint is not about the Judgment or even the breach of Judicial process both of which are questionable. My complaint is that Judge J refused to recognize my medical condition as a disability and failed to make appropriate allowances for that. Judge J was not impartial at the hearing and clearly showed favoritism the claimant. Judge J , by impluying that I would have no le
  10. Thanks to those that replied. Life has a funny way of makeing things right in the end. As it happens I now have a good job and wil be able to payback MBNA/Reston solicitors the Judgement ammount and clear the charge on my house. I have allso approached a large reputable firm of city solicitors with a view to establish a case against MBNA/Reston solicitors for damages, hurt to feelings and my own costs.They have employed a large firm of accountants to deal with the financial aspects of the case. One concern that we both share is that MBNA/Reston solicitors may have been engaged in 'double a
  11. Can any one help me. Accoriding to the consumer credit act if I fall into dificuly in paying back my debt to MBNA/Restons's Solicitors , they are supposed to work with me to to reach a solutions. More importantly if MBNA/Restons's Solicitors offer a repayement plan and I keep up with it they should not beable to secure their debt with a full charging order. If MBNA/Restons's Solicitors reach an agreement with me as long as I obibide by that agreemant any further action to seure their debt against my home with a full charging order in in breach of the confirmation they gave to a county
  12. Can any one tell me if this is right. I am dissabled and have been having trouble with MBNA/Reston's Solicitors for a while now. They want to make me homeless but I thaught I would be OK since I kept up with my original payment plan. Around March2010 MBNA/Reston's Solicitors applied for a charging order on my home. I disputed it while it was still an intrim order because I had kept up with my payments. I had also made a subject access request around December 2009 which they had not complied with. MBNA/Reston's Solicitors reached a new agreement with me and informed the court that a
  13. I am pretty sure that the 'event' driven debt collection method used by MBNA / Reston's solicitors is illegal. My understanding is once the Bank give Reston's the go ahead to harass you for money one of the many tools they use to upset you so much that you pay them whatever they ask for is to monitor evry financial transaction you make. . By linking into real time credit referance agency systems they can tell what money you took out from which cash point instantly. They can tell what transaction you did for example at supermarkets, petrol stations , online . They can tell what bills you p
  14. Hi, Not all my posts are being published for some reason. Please see my post no hope for Justice if you can view it. I am a home ovner. My alleged debt to MBNA was £7,800. I paid it off in vrious lump sum payments,then recived a final demand for another £3800. I challanged it and contacted FOS / CAB. MBNA and Restons solicitors still applied for an intrim court order before FOS had concluded their investigation. Initially they did not send me my financial information as part of the data access request and they refused to send me past Statements. Cut a long story short , last we
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