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  1. Thanks for the replies and good advice. I feel I am in enough trouble without disclosing Judge J full name. Any one else who has experienced his form of Justice will know who I mean. I believe it is normal for a Judge to take into consideration the whole background of a case before reaching a decision. I believe it is necessary for any Judge to take into consideration a disability or other special circumstances when making a Judgement and also to understand how that Judgement will effect the individual with the disability. I believe that if their is an ongoing case that has put into dispute any money owed to a Bank, a Judge should not give a Judgement in favour of the Bank ( Thus creating a bias in favour of the Bank) Until the dispute has been settled i.e. the case regarding the dispute is resolved. Especially when the same Judge is hearing both cases. I believe it is wrong for any Judge to suggest that the 'only protection' a consumer has against illegitimate and high charges by a Bank is to pay the amount without challenging it. I believe it is professionally wrong for a Judge to take the most extreme action against a debtor when their are other less harsher ways to achieve the same goal and in particular when it is the first offence , when the debtor is disabled and when their is every chance of the debt paying paid back in full within a reasonable amount of time ( 4 Months). If any of what I have said is wrong or defamatory then I apologise. I strongly believe that no Judge could have reached a conclusion on my case within 8 minutes if they had allowed me to present my case in full. In any case Judge J had the whole history and a written defence in front of him when he allowed MBNA/Restons a charging order on my home when their was no need for it. Because of his Judgement I now have to cope with the following : I have to drop my case against MBNA/Restons for £4800 in charges and errors in their accounting systems. Two more of my creditors have decided that because of the second charge on my property they now want their money back in full and are about to start their legal action against me ( I had an agreement with them for minimum payments ) Their has been increased stress and arguments in our family all through the Christmas holidays because my wife feels their is a threat to our family home. My children have had the most miserable Christmas in their short life’s. I will have to find almost £10,000 to pay back all my debts just because of a debt of £2900 with MBNA/Restons Solicitors that I could have paid back within 4 Months and that my brother in law was willing to guarantee to be paid back within four months. Of coarse I feel that their is something fundamentally wrong here. I do not believe that any Judge could just make such a mistake. The decision seems to be too much in favour of MBNA/Restons Solicitors and does not appear to be either Just, Fair, Independent or even Justifiable. I can appeal it but I should not have to appeal it and I can not afford the cost of a proper appeal right now. It would not make a difference any way since I have made arrangements to pay back MBNA/Restons Solicitors what the Judge has ordered me to pay them £3,900 for a debt of £2,900. In the future I plan further litigation against MBNA/Restons Solicitors , this time i will be properly represented by a city law firm and accountants and have the case heard in a more cosmopolitan central London Court.
  2. Why is it that certain threads appear to be censored on this site? I am glad that MBNA/Reston Solicitors are now accepting half their alleged debts. This does not mean what they are doing is still right or legal. The chances are that even half the debt is too much since they will have already written the whole debt of against tax and received tax relief on the debt and the cost to administer it. So half the debt is just a 50% Bonus to them and the staff concerned. Next year MBNA/Reston Solicitors are likely to have a record profits year and record bonuses paid to their staff at the cost of bringing extreme misery, hardship and distress to normal working class individuals. I can imagine the dollar signs rolling round in MBNA/Reston Solicitors staff's members already. The reason I say this. Many more public sector workers are set to lose their jobs and run into difficulty with debt. The British Judiciary have decided that they will not give the working man any protection against the illegal practices used by MBNA/Reston Solicitors to recover debt. District Judge J of Aldershot and Farnham County court made it clear that: The only protection a consumer has against the illegal practice and charges of banks like MBNA/Reston Solicitors is to pay what ever they ask for. The Banks such as MBNA/Reston Solicitors need to make large profits is more important then the legal rights of the consumer. The Consumers rights within the Consumer Credit Act and Data Protection act will not be implemented by District Judges in county courts. Large banks such as MBNA/Reston Solicitors have immunity from prosecution for their illegal behaviour and have immunity from any allegations of excessive charges. As far as I am concerned, MBNA/Reston Solicitors have stolen approximately £3800 from me and district Judge J of Aldershot and Farnham County court has legitimised the theft. In the bank statements that I finally received from MBNA/Reston Solicitors through the FOS their is a big gap of £2500 that left my account, entered MBNA's account but did not appear on the debt that was sold to Restons Solicitors. Their are additional charges of approximately £1300 which is just described as 'finance charge' that never appeared on the original statements while the account was with Abby National. I have never been given an explanation of what this charge is, why it was added to my debt or why i was not told about it. I have had to withdraw my claim against MBNA/Reston Solicitors for the recovery of this money because District Judge J of Aldershot and Farnham County court implied to me that I would lose the case (Regardless of the evidence i have) and that he would award costs against me. He made this implied threat while dealing with a separate matter of a full charging order against me. How he managed to give a charging order for an amount that was in dispute and which was the subject of ongoing legal action is beyond me. How District Judge J of Aldershot and Farnham County court was able to give a judgement on a case that was due to be heard in March 2011 without any hearing still puzzles me totally.
  3. Thank you for your responce. It really does not matter who calls you or what religion they are. If you are in trouble with MBNA remember they are American. The UK Goverment is simply a pupet on a string for the Americans. Never rely on Justice, Fair PLAY, Your Lega Rights or your Human Rights . The Americans will do as they wish and our goverment will go along with it. Get ready to pay up the debt in full within one month or sell your house and live on te streets. I hate to bring this bad news to you but just check all the posts about America Banks and how many people have been forced to sell their Famly homes by district Judge J of Aldershot and Farnham county court and you will see Just what you are up against. These are very sad times for Democracy and I whish you all the best Lauck. All I can say is that when the situation gets so bad the best you can do is right to your MP and express your concerns. We are British Citizens and not just another state of the USA. For the benifit os our children and their children after them we have an obligation to ensure that British Goverments respect and protect the rights of British Born Citizens and in particular against greedy American Banks such as MBNA. Thanks
  4. Thank you all for your positive support. Of course not every one will like or agree with a Judges decision in court. That can not be avoided. When Judges such as district Judge J systematically give Judgements that ignore the facts and ignore the Laws that have been created by a democratically elected government intended to protect the people of this country, then surly we have to consider how an unelected organisation such as Judges are able to use public money to protect and fund financially influential organisations such as Banks. The relationship between Laws that have been devised by acts of Parliament and the Judicial system is clearly no longer working. I am disabled and I have suffered Injustice at the hands of Judge J. But I am lucky in that I can make my case intelligently. I have complained to my MP and to the Ministry of Justice. I just feel for those who have suffered and have no support for their case. No one needs to bring the Judiciary into disrepute. District Judges are doing it for themselves and in doing so are creating a great deal of resentment against them from the general public. People are not being Judged according to the relevant Laws but are being Judged by the personal views and standards of a Judge such as Judge J. In making his Judgements Judge J clearly showed that he did not care at all what the Law says. His Judgements are about how he feels about a certain subject. Currently people focus more on the financial aspect. As I said in a previous post, of the 12 contacts I have had at least 4 had nothing to do with Finance. In one case a youth was hospitalised by an Adult in a position of trust and responsibility ( Manager of recreation centre). Because the youth suffered from ADHT and was known to be a little troublesome the Judge ignored all witness statements, the police case and imposed his own thoughts i.e. the youth is a problem so he deserved to be physically assaulted and hospitalised. Does the Normal thinking person believe this is acceptable in a civilised society? Judges do not make the Law but it is their Job and Judicial duty to ensure it is implemented farley and Justly. This is not happening any more so if the government will do nothing to redress the situation who will? I feel that we should all be a little ashamed of our self’s for letting the situation reach this stage. That is embarrassed for all the people who for what ever reasons are not able to express the injustice they have suffered at the hand of Judges such as district Judge J. We have to remember even in our society today not everyone is privileged with good education or good inelegance. It does not mean they are lesser people or they deserve injustice.
  5. Thank you for your comment. I am concerned at what I see as a total degradation of democracy by a few individuals. I have to admit that I also have a personal intrest in this. I do not know if in a few years time my own son might find himself faceing Judge J or if in ten years time my grand children my be unfortunate enought to find themselfs faceing Judge J. We all know that if you leave a bad apple in a fruit bowl then it is going to turn all the fruit bad. Democracy means that all members of our society deserve and have a right to a fair and impartial trial. In a crown court this can be achived by a Jury of your pears. In a county court Judge J is the final say on the matter. If Judge J has behaviour problems i.e power has got to his head then how can we allow so many incocent people to pay the price? Do we stand by and watch and let our children and their chaildren go through the pains of injustice or do we do what we can now. I have complained to the ministry of Justice and my MP about Judge J. Their are probably other Judges out their like Judge J but I have not experianced them , I have experianced Judge J. The rest is up to each individual who has suffered the same. I have recived 12 complaints but I am not the person to complain to. If all 12 complain to the correct authorities i.e the ministry of Justice then may be some one will look into the case. To everyone reading this , their is no point posting on this site or on the internet if you do not have the courgae and the conviction that you are right enought to make an official complaint to the ministry of Justice. We all have to start somewhere and what i see is a common concern about Judge J of Aldershot and Farnham county court. Thanks
  6. Hi Thanks for your responce. Yes it sounds like the same Mr Judge J *m*s who sits at Aldershot and farnham county court. I have so far been contacted privatly by 12 Individuals with concerns about Judge J at Aldershot and Farnham county court. It would appear that no one is safe from his style of meverick type Judgements. 8 of he complaints relate to financial cases where charging orders have been given in the strangest of circumstances. It would appear that the quickest Judgement the Judge made took 4 minutes. Not even enough time for the consumer to enter the court and sit down. A non finacial case i have been made aware of was against a youth who suffered from ADHD. From what I am told he caused a fuss in a local recreation centre, the centre manager lost his cool and physically asulted the Boy causing him to be hospitalised. The police were called and their were plenty of witnesses. Judge J through the police case out against the Adult Manager for assulating a minor but gave the youth (under 16) a criminal record an ASBO and forced him to be monitored. Ignoreing all witness and police statements. I have written to my local MP and to the Ministry of Justice as obviously this is much bigger then just my £3000 charging order awarded to MBNA. Peoples Life's are being ruined, trust in the Judicial system is being ruined, the fabric of our society in Aldershot and Farnham is being destroyed and all because Judge J likes to play the all powerfull Man who can do what he likes without the possability of ever being held to account for his actions. It's up to everyone, but if you feel strongly enough that you were mistreated by Judge J then complain to the Ministry of Justice. You can do it online. His actions are contrary to his Judicial duty to give every case a fair and impartial hearing. Don't leave it to some one else to complain. You never know when it might effect you or some one close to you in the future.
  7. Thanks for your responce. I would just like to say that if you look hard enough you will allways find very cabable people who are willing to take on a challanging case just for the thrill of it and for the victory. I am no longer alone in this case. The £10,000 is just a begining , I feel that my backers have a bigger picture in mind that I am not aware of. The down side is that if they reach an out of court settlement with senior MBNA respresentatives I will never be able to tell the full story. This matter is now out of my hands. I am just glad that my bill will be paid. It's a shame because overall I will lose out as I have suffered the injustice that some one else is going to benifit from. It's good in an ideal world to think that district judge J was commited to Justice and hence not swayed by financial or other gains. The investigation that has so far been done would suggest that their was reasonable grounds to belive that favours or favours in kind were likly to benifit Judge J if the judgement went a certain way. In this case if a full charging order was granted. It is not a written commitment but it is not beyound proof. Unfortunatly in the world we live in today every man has his price and so every man that excepts favours has to understand that at some time the favours being offered to others is greater then what he can offer for silance. The bottom line is if you are genuine and not trying to rip banks off then don't despire if Judge J favours the Banks. Keep looking for help and it will find you. Good Luck to everyone that is suffering injustice because of Bankers Greed, Judges Greed and lack of governance by this so called co ilition government. Allso do your best not to upset any Americnas or the UK Judicial sysytem will come down on you with a tone of bricks. I think we all know who the boss is and of course MBNA are an American Bank. The only differance is that in the UK we do not have constitunal rights. As the American are in charge of everything from our financial services to our forign policy , and because we have no consitituaniol rights like americans do, the American goverment can do what they like. To avoid trouble in your life I would advice everyone I know to keep away from MBNA or anything American. No Contact No Issue.
  8. This week my wife and I thought we would try a bring some Christmas joy to our children after all the tidings of bad joy that MBNA/Reston’s and district Judge J have brought to our family this year. . Amongst the things we will be recycling this year was an old copy of ‘A Christmas Carol’. I had already explained to the kids why we could not afford a proper Christmas this year despite the fact that for the first time in over four years I have a permanent job. (Because district judge J decided that I have to pay MBNA/Reston’s £3900 in one go by Christmas, despite the fact that they owe me £5000 because of computer errors on their part) We watched a Christmas carol and the kids asked me is Ebenezer Scrooge the bad man (district judge J) who canceled our Christmas? Well I think that says it all. The resent meant, distress and hate our children are growing up with for the super rich bankers and their multi million pound profits, all at the expense of hardworking and honest citizens. In fact the description of Ebenezer Scrooge is synonymous with District Judge J and the vice president of MBNA who have both pushed to make my family and me homeless this Christmas. Ebenezer Scrooge is the principal character in Charles Dickens's 1843 novel, A Christmas Carol. At the beginning of the novel, Scrooge is a cold-hearted, tight-fisted and greedy man. Just like in the Christmas carol I believe they will have a much tougher time being greedy next year. I feel that their gravy train has come to an end.
  9. Thanks for your replies. I have posted on another post what action I intend to take next against MBNA/Reston's solicitors. I want to be very clear about my concerns with a particular Judge ( Judge J). The complaint is not about the Judgment or even the breach of Judicial process both of which are questionable. My complaint is that Judge J refused to recognize my medical condition as a disability and failed to make appropriate allowances for that. Judge J was not impartial at the hearing and clearly showed favoritism the claimant. Judge J , by impluying that I would have no legal protection in my counter claim against MBNA/Restons,without hearing the case and a case that he had chosen to hear in March 2011, effectivly behaved in a threatning manner towards me. Their is probable reason to believe that Judge J had a conflict of interest in hearing this case. Since 2008 Judge J has manged to be involved in at least four cases involving me and Reston's solicitors and on each occasion he has made questionable judgements in favour of Reston's solicitors. It is not natural that all of my cases involving Reston's solicitors should have been heard by the same district Judge and more importantly where I have brought case's against Restons who are based in Northampton I see no reason why the case's was moved to Aldershot and Farnham county court so that it would be within the Jurisdiction of Judge J. Judge J clearly had a conflict of interest residing on the two current issues involving MBNA/Restons and my self. He new I was likely to appose the same Judge to sit on both issues, one where i was a defendant and one where i was a claimant so why did he not declare this in accordance with civil court procedures. I believe that the deviance I have ( all of Judge J judgments against me since 2008, notice in writeing from Judge J that he will hold a hearing in March 2011 to through my counter claim against MBNA/Reston's out of court, Failure to declare that he was also going to hear the charging order application against me by MBNA/Reston's etc.) I have made a case for: 1) Discrimination on grounds of disability 2) Threatening behavior towards me 3) Personal misconduct by the Judge 4) Unfair bias by the Judge 5) Possible cause for concern of financial or other favors / conflict of interest of the Judge in relation to MBNA?Reston's solicitors. I have withdrawn my case against MBNA for now but I am looking into a case against them in the new year. As for going to CAB for advice, they got me into this mess in the first place. Under normal circumstances they probably can help reaching a reasonable agreement with genuine credit companies. This case was Just to large for them. Being volunteers I don't think they are set up to deal with such complex issues. Thanks
  10. Thanks to those that replied. Life has a funny way of makeing things right in the end. As it happens I now have a good job and wil be able to payback MBNA/Reston solicitors the Judgement ammount and clear the charge on my house. I have allso approached a large reputable firm of city solicitors with a view to establish a case against MBNA/Reston solicitors for damages, hurt to feelings and my own costs.They have employed a large firm of accountants to deal with the financial aspects of the case. One concern that we both share is that MBNA/Reston solicitors may have been engaged in 'double accounting' i.e both parties have been writeing the same debt off against tax. In the new year they wil challange MBNA/Reston solicitors to produces their accounts and if necessary get a court order forceing them to declare their accounts. We are positive that we are going to find a considerable ammount of abnormalty in the accounts. If our case suceeds then MBNA/Reston solicitors will be forced to compensate every one who can prove that they have been unfairly treated by the bank. That should be a lot of good news to everyone on his forum. The case is not cheap! The solicitors have taken out an 'after the event' insurance on the case incase we do lose. They have also accepted reduced fees up front as they will be claiming their fees from MBNA/Reston solicitors.We will be waiting until March 2011 efore we start as this will give me an opportunity to clear my debt with MBNA/Reston solicitors and have the initial funds to start the case £10,000. Any one who thinks this is not worth it, the solicitors suggest to me that an ammount of £250,000 in compensation would not be unreasonable although it is likly to be an out of court agreemant with the normal gaging order. Was all this necessary? Absolutly not MBNA/Reston solicitors just had to controll their greed a little bit. At the last hearing when they got their charging order I owed them £2900, they owed me £5000(mistakes in their accounting system when they intigrated with the old Abby National system) and I offered to settle the matter i.e they were in profit by £2999. As for district judge J. I strongly feel that favours were exchanged for this Judgement. It was a stupid thing to do for such a small ammount of money and a case that MBNA/Reston solicitors just can not win in the end. I have made my complaint to the ministry of justice and my new solicitors and I will be following the progress of that complaint very carefully.I can not imagine that the Judge or any of his peers would carry on makeing such simple mistakes while Investigations are ongoing. It's a tough time for me but hopefully it will avoid other inocent people from being driven to the point of disspear by this large greedy American organisation MBNA/Reston solicitors. I am certain that consumers will start getting reasonable behaviour out of them. Remember this in America Al Capone a criminal gangster was eventually braught down because of discrepancies in his tax accounting. MBNA/Reston solicitors are about to have their tax declarations scrutanised. The only question is will the British Goverment step in and protect them because thay are a large Bank.
  11. Can any one help me. Accoriding to the consumer credit act if I fall into dificuly in paying back my debt to MBNA/Restons's Solicitors , they are supposed to work with me to to reach a solutions. More importantly if MBNA/Restons's Solicitors offer a repayement plan and I keep up with it they should not beable to secure their debt with a full charging order. If MBNA/Restons's Solicitors reach an agreement with me as long as I obibide by that agreemant any further action to seure their debt against my home with a full charging order in in breach of the confirmation they gave to a county court that a settlement had been reached. So why would district judge J of Alderasot and Farnam County court award thema full charging order against my home without listinening to all the circumstancesaround this case? Is their any favouers that have been exchanged or any personal relationships that have influenced this decsiosn? Why would district Judge J of Aldershot and Farnham county court not take into consideration my dissability and the fact that my home has a chiar lift, walk in bath , hand gripes to enbleme to live as normall a life as I can because I am dissabled? Why would district Judge J of Aldershot and Farnham county court ignore an offer by supports to give a seured gurante for the money i owe MBNA/Restons.t I have a strong feeling that favours have been exchanged in return for district judge j to turn a blind eye to my legal rights. I am allso convinved that I am not the only individual to suffer corruption at the hand of district judge J. So what can we do about the failing standards of intregrety and fairenesss with our judical system. Please let me know your thughts.
  12. Can any one tell me if this is right. I am dissabled and have been having trouble with MBNA/Reston's Solicitors for a while now. They want to make me homeless but I thaught I would be OK since I kept up with my original payment plan. Around March2010 MBNA/Reston's Solicitors applied for a charging order on my home. I disputed it while it was still an intrim order because I had kept up with my payments. I had also made a subject access request around December 2009 which they had not complied with. MBNA/Reston's Solicitors reached a new agreement with me and informed the court that a new agreement had been reached so they would not be persuing for a full charging order. To my surprice I recived a letter around xx November telling me that a court date of xxDecember had been set for the Judge to hear the full charging order. I was given no opportunity to chalange it the date had been set. At the hearing the Judge awarded the charging order without takeing any of the facts into consideration. According to the new arrangements which I have in writeing from MBNA/Reston's Solicitors they wanted £940 as full and final settlemnt by the end of November 2010. I pid them the full ammount by around xx November 2010. The original ammount was £7,000 of which I had paid off £5500. The new charging order was for £3001. I have no idea where this ammount came from. Can the courts Just give a harging order on an old judgement without allowing me to dispute it? What can I do about this as I do not have the money for solicitors and appeals and CAB have allready let me down? Surly a court can not just award money to MBNA/Reston's Solicitors without any justification or proof that I owe the money and surly they have to look at the agreement we had and the settlement I made? I beleive I am not the only one who has suffered this injustice by District Judge x at xxxxxxx county court. It is a shamefull episod for all district judges but what can I do about it?
  13. I am pretty sure that the 'event' driven debt collection method used by MBNA / Reston's solicitors is illegal. My understanding is once the Bank give Reston's the go ahead to harass you for money one of the many tools they use to upset you so much that you pay them whatever they ask for is to monitor evry financial transaction you make. . By linking into real time credit referance agency systems they can tell what money you took out from which cash point instantly. They can tell what transaction you did for example at supermarkets, petrol stations , online . They can tell what bills you paid, how much fuel you use (Gas, Electric). In fact they can account for every penny of your money. . They use this information to decide how you should live for example if they think you are keeping your home to warm (large gas bill) then they decide that you could pay them more by turning down the heat. If they think you spend too much at a supermarket they can ask you to pay more to them and buy less/cheaper food. This is a direct impact on your personal information without your permission. . Don't rush for litigation thaough unless you have a lot of spare cash. The FOS know about this and have said they will not regulate it. Tradeing standards know about this and have said they will take no action. District Judge J of Aldershot and Farnham megistrates court did not even want to listen to the case or see the evidance , he just found in favour of MBNA/Restons with his eyes fully closed. The Data controller does not care and at least some MP's are happy its not happening to them. . My solution, if Reston's have your account try and work in CASH. If its not electric they can not use their event driven debt collection systems. Just to remind every one of the shamefull state of our justice system. District Judge J sitting at Aldershot and Farnham County court awarded the American Bank MBNA and Reston's a charging order against my home. In awarding the charging order the Judge declined to take into account all the circumstances in my case. . 1) I had only missed one payment from an agreement I had with MBNA Bank. Legally this is not enough for a charging order and the Judge knew or aught to have known this. . 2) I had offered to pay of the full debt in four months and allready paid the first month prior to the hearing for a full charging order. The money was guranteed by my brother inlaw. the judge ignored this. . 3) I am dissabled and my home has been adapted with Chair Lift, low toilet, handrails, ramps at the doors, emergency assistance alarms. Forcing me to sell my home would put my life at risk. The Judge refused to look at the medical evidance. . 4) The ammount being claimed by the Bank was in dispute and with CAB we had made a counter claim in the small claims court. The Judge should not have made a judgement without the exact debt being settled first.The Judge knew or aught to have knownthis was breech of procedure. There is allso no doubt the Judge knows that I can appeal but he knew that I probably could not afford an appeal Well if this story was ment to freighten off consumers from seeking compensation from the Banks then MBNA/Restons and the district Judge got it wrong again. My brother in law has just won £80,0000 on the lottery today. We have agreed to go to a reputable city firm of barristers with a view to seek compensation for a misscariage of justice and to persue for damages against MBNA Bank since they are responsible for Reston's solicitors. Every one should continue to campaign for their own cases especially aginst unfair and unjustified costs and charges.
  14. Hi, Not all my posts are being published for some reason. Please see my post no hope for Justice if you can view it. I am a home ovner. My alleged debt to MBNA was £7,800. I paid it off in vrious lump sum payments,then recived a final demand for another £3800. I challanged it and contacted FOS / CAB. MBNA and Restons solicitors still applied for an intrim court order before FOS had concluded their investigation. Initially they did not send me my financial information as part of the data access request and they refused to send me past Statements. Cut a long story short , last week a district judge gace them a charging order without any proof that I owe the money. I was told to appeal but I can not afford the costs. Through all this I have been paying them £100 per month and have not missed any payments. The Judgement has come through but the the judge also allowed them to add further anulised intrest and costs so i am witing for the final bill from them. I had taken out a claim in the small claims track against Restons / MBNA because they had not complied with my data access request and because they had given no proof of the money they claimed I owve them. They exchanged bundles with me. In their I found strange costings that appeared after the debt was sold to restons like £3800 for 'finance charge' no idea what that is about and 'foot charge'. I allso found that the last two payments I made to MBNA had been shown on the statement but not reflected in the total. They appeared to have been added to the account rather then removed from it. Despite all this evidance the Judge took about 8 mins to make his decion. 7 Minutes were listining to Reston's. He chose to ignore any thing I had to say. He also implied that he would order costs against me for my claim in the small courts as he was residing on that case as well. I tried to tell him that he could not issue a charge on an ammount that was not only in dispute but where a hearing of that case was scheduled to take place in March 2011. I also found it strange that my application which was lodged in August with the small claims court could only be heard at the earlist in March 2011 whilst MBN made their application , recived an intrim and final charging order and a sale order all within 14 days in December 2010. Thats my experiance any way.
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