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  1. Thank you, that's brilliant. Can't find the scales though, but certainly would click if I could find the button!! (Sorry, new to all this).
  2. I'm not sure, but from what my daughter has said, I think at least four months. Thanks for prompt resonse!!
  3. My daughter has just moved in with her friend. It's a bit of a complicated scenario, so please bear with me... The friend (A) originally signed the tenancy agreement with another person (B). A paid the deposit in full. A and B fell out and B decided to leave, I believe before any tenancy agreement ended. A paid a couple of month's rent on her own, and now my daughter has moved in, A is wanting my daughter to pay her the rent, not the lettings agency. Her reason is that she is worried about B being given half the deposit, and says that my daughter can't go on the tenancy agreement until B has signed something to say that she won't try to claim the deposit. Hmm... Questions are: Is friend B still responsible for the rent that was due before my daughter moved in? i.e. so that if she does try to claim half of a deposit she hadn't paid towards in the first place(!) friend A can take her to the small claims court for non-payment of rent?? Friend A is saying to my daughter that if she can't pay the rent this way, then friend A will have to find someone else, can she do this? What are the implications for my daughter with regards to not being written into the tenancy agreement? She's effectively sub-letting from A with no protection. Help.
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