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  1. hi guys thanks for your help. rebel11 the no's you gave 08453000000 is for personal banking, the lady here was very helpful and phoned every number on her system to try and find the one for collections centre in brighton but they all put her through to india who told her it was pot luck weather you got through to brighton! 01733347007 is general enquiries she tried to find me the name of the collections centre manager but when she looked on the system the space for his name was blank! and 01273 743574 is an answer phone which tells you to dial an 0845 number in india! if the ltsb staff can't get through to the uk what hope is there for us. i think i might have to seek legal advice as i have been trying to sort this for 6 months and interest has been piling on. we are both unemployed at moment so should get legal aid. does anyone know a solicitor that deals with this sort of thin. thanks sonia
  2. hi does anyone know the phone number for the uk based collections centre, i have sent them 5 cashflow reports of my income and expendature but they keep saying they havent recieved them even when i send them recorded delivery but the customer support unit which is the same address is getting them. i keep getting threatening letters off them because we have fell behind with payments. i cant even get the name of the collections centre manager as its just a signature that i cant read. i tried ringing the number on the letter but its in india! any help would be great ive been trying since april. thanks sonia
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