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  1. Blinking flip. You can buy your own domain for less than that and then hop around any free/paid webmail providers you like while keeping your own email address permanently.
  2. In honesty, I'm against this change but I think that's purely because my experience - locally - seems different from most. I live near a high street area with plenty of business - and plenty of free, safe parking. But still people park on double yellow lines,double park in the main road and dump their 4x4s in undersized "motorcycle only" boxes which restrict traffic flow and the view from junctions when you're trying to get onto a main road. I've contacted the council and they've said they can only deal with it by using staff to spot and ticket offenders, or relying on the police to do it (depends on whether it's an unpaid pay-and-display or a legal issue e.g. double yellows) I'm not sure if the new amendment will affect Scotland anyway but, personally, I'd love a camera posted right above one particular junction near me and every one of the b*ggers who parks lazily getting ticketed in the first week of operation. They'd make the money back on the camera in a month. On the opposite side of the street is free parking for 100 vehicles. It's never more than 20% full because people are too lazy to walk an extra 50 yards.
  3. I did actually query it with the council who told me that double yellow lines and parking in "wrong" bays was the remit of their parking attendants (ah for the days when we called them "traffic wardens"!). Parking outside of a bay, double parking and so on is a criminal offence and - yes - police. Either way, I'm convinced a CCTV camera focussed on that corner would pay for itself in a month.
  4. I'm in Scotland so this wouldn't affect me, but personally I'd like to campaing *for* a camera on a corner near where I live. Frequent selfish prats park on double yellows on a narrow street and in a bay clearly marked "Solo M/C Only" on the same corner. Thing is, that spot is deliberately smaller than a "proper" space, so they end up parked a foot or more out into the main road making the junction effectively blind if you're trying to pull out of the side road. I would be *very* happy if someone leapt out from behind a dustbin or bus shelter and ticketed them the moment they switched the motor off. It's dangerous. There's a line between parking selfishly and causing inconvenience for other road users, and causing no problem but being used to help make some jobsworth a few quid out of his "per offence" pay scheme.
  5. Further little update: They sorted out the Zafira in short order and the loan car was fine. They actually replaced the windscreen as the chip was too severe to repair! Wife has been into another dealership elsewhere and is purchasing another car to replace it (it's crap - don't know if that's Zafira's in general or just this one) and got talking to the salesman. Apparently there's a 14-day cooling off period in Arnold Clark's own paperwork for any purchase. Interesting, given that when my wife traded in her Volvo for a Ford she was given no paperwork as the branch insisted that everything was done online and they *could not* provide any paperwork! Therefore she had no chance to take her contract / rights home with her. Then when she returned the next morning citing that the car was not fit for purpose, she was told "tough" (actually, there's a little more detail but it boils down to this). Collating further details and sending it all to MP shortly.
  6. All sorted, money back in bank *phew*
  7. I doubt it on the basis that I hadn't canceled the recurring payment before it was taken. Admiral just decided to debit my account 11 days before the due date.
  8. Thanks, guys. Recording calls just isn't something you think of until after the fact... Admiral have, however, acknowledged by cancellation by mail. I called Nationwide and registered the disputed withdrawal. As it's through a Visa Debit card, there's a fair bit of procedure and I'll have paperwork arriving to confirm the details. I doubt it'll arrive before we go, though :-/ Emailed Admiral via their website and will also call them tomorrow. Regardless, I'm notifying the ombudsman.
  9. Thanks, citizenB. I'm with Nationwide and they've been very good in the past - I'll give them a call as soon as I can, but (Sod's law), I discover this on a Saturday night. And, just to make things worse, we go on holiday on Tuesday morning so won't be able to chase things for a week! *silently fumes* I almost feel sorry for whoever I speak to at Admiral tomorrow.
  10. I was insured with Admiral (car) for the last two years. This year, as last, my renewal notice came through and it was ridiculous, so I shopped around. The notice told me that payment was due on the 30th of June, which is when my current policy would end. I found eSure undercut them by around 50% so set up my new policy with them on the 23rd, rang Admiral and told them not to renew. This they acceded to, and I downloaded and sent my No Claims proof to eSure. All fine. Until I check my bank balance on the 29th (tonight) and notice that I'm a bit short. £620.10 short, to be precise, due to Admiral debiting my account for that sum (the increased premium) on the 19th of the month. While I'm aware that they have the right to automatically renew my policy should I not tell them otherwise (their way of "helping" ensure I don't wind up uninsured courtesy of the recent changes in law), there's no reason for them to take the payment a fortnight before the policy is due to expire and before the due date they listed in the email. I've also been onto their website and the policy which I was told on the phone I would not have (2013-2014) is there for all to see; cover note, policy details and all. As a result, I am likely to go overdrawn and be unable to pay some bills until this is rectified. Do I have a right to compensation as they've obviously screwed up? And is it worth my while writing to the Ombudsman?
  11. Hehe - if they're a council/government department that hardly surprises me! But duly noted
  12. ScaniaMan: Curious to know what the issue with Glasgow TS is...? I tried to PM you, but the system says I need to post more on here before I'm allowed to *rolls eyes* Thanks for the info on the separation of them. I'm guessing that I'd be looking at four different TS offices, with Glasgow being relevant for the Pollockshaws incident. If I have to inform all four, I will do so - but will refer them to the other incidents as well.
  13. Actually, the issues I've had are with AC's in Linwood, Stirling, Dumbarton and Pollockshaws. Would I have to report these do different branches of Trading Standards? (i.e. is TS council/region based?)
  14. FYI, I did get a reply back before lunch on Monday as I was promised. We've been told there will be a 7-seater vehicle available for us to use while repairs are carried out on the Zafira. AC will cover the insurance costs. However, not one word of apology for the inconvenience and shoddy sales experience. Not via email or on the phone when we spoke to shop staff. Needless to say, I'm still sending all the details of this and previous issues to OFT/MP/TS.
  15. Scaniaman - my wife saw how shoddily I was treated by two branches with my Renault. She still went to a third branch and was royally shafted over the purchase of a Ford (not fit for purpose and the garage refused to allow her to return the car barely 15 hours later once this came to light), so she ended up a couple of grand out of pocket having to purchase another car elsewhere. Despite this, she then went to Linwood Ford for the Zafira. Finally, this time, she's learned that they're parasites. So, yes, people will hear your story/stories and yet they'll still go to AC because they're cheap. The fact that once they have your money they treat you like a dog egg they've trodden in is beside the point... I emailed their CEO as recommended by someone on another site. Received a reply back asking my wife to confirm I could act on her behalf due to data protection (what a load of cobblers), and a message saying that the person they needed to speak to in branch wasn't available until Monday (so they obviously get a 3-day weekend, as the email I received was around 10am on Friday). I've been promised a response by Monday morning. I won't hold my breath. My demands are simple - the repairs done in full at their cost / our convenience. And a hire car of suitable dimensions (equivalent or larger to the Zafira) in the meantime at absolutely no cost to us. Why should we be inconvenienced and out of pocket due to their decision to sell a shoddy vehicle? I'll be sure to CC Trading Standards in on the OFT/MP communications also.
  16. Been taken for a ride on four separate occasions by these pirates, the most recent one is just the straw snapping an already weakened camel's back. Sadly my other half is more forgiving than me. I swore off them after my first brush with them, she's fallen foul (far worse than I) twice since including just today. Bought a second hand Zafira, went to collect it and there's a significant chip in the windscreen (covered by a sticker in the window at the showroom), the passenger door won't open from the inside and the supplied keys don't work! Of course, they'll take it in for repairs. In a week. And if we want a hire car, it'll cost us for the insurance. Do note, we got the Zafira as we need a big car (kids, mother-in-law, dog), and I bet you my house that any hire care is something along the lines of a Corsa. Thanks for the info as regards sending details via our MP. I'll draft something appropriate and get it over by the weekend. I'm also curious as to the trespass laws in Scotland (there are none...) so wondering if I can just turn up there on Saturday, stand around and warn every potential customer to go elsewhere.
  17. Excellent news and furthers my views/opinions that ParkingEye (similar bunch of pirates) were never entitled to a penny of my money either. Their issue was the fact that I was telling people this, and hence they got their legal lackies to order my web page to withdraw a blog post or have the entire site shut down. My ISP panicked and demanded I follow suit so I had no choice. Annoyingly, I hadn't published anything at all defamatory even thought their (PE's) lawyers said I had. I always thought it was up to a judge or jury to state that you *had* done something wrong, and that a lawyer making that claim would themselves be making a defamatory statement? But hey, ho. Different rules for us normal folk. The upside, though, was that the 70-or-so views on my website in the month before the takedown order turned into 7000 (seven thousand) or more views across the four websites I cross-posted and linked the article to as a result. The "updated" blog post with all the links in is still there to this day - they never demanded I take that down. I'd say the most annoying thing is that prior tot he takedown, a search on Google for "Parking Eye" gave their web page top and mine immediately underneath telling you what a [problem] it was. Indeed, type "Parking Eye" into Google and the first suggestion in the drop-down box is, indeed, "Parking Eye [problem]"!
  18. New post up - same URL as before. Let's see if I get a take-down order for that. I've also emailed One&One complaining about their poor service and that I feel I have been libelled by M Law as they *stated* that I had defamed their client.
  19. Thanks for that link. I think I'll replace my post with a list of links to articles detailing what a bunch of twunts they are... Someone else has advised me that it may be worth suing them for libel as they have incorrectly claimed that what I have written is defamatory. Oh, I wish I had the cash or a free lawyer!
  20. Well, I'll shortly be replacing the article (at the same URL to prevent breaking the link) with an explanation of why it's no longer there... along with links to the two off-site locations where the article is mirrored. Hit on article prior to complaint - 40 Hits as of now - 405 Hits on MSE.com's mirror - 265 Plus friend's blog traffic trebled.
  21. Thanks, Snowy Someone else has also archived it in the Discussion area of the Facebook group "You Don't Have To Pay Parking Tickets!" My host are being useless and won't even give me the wording of the take-down notice which should state exactly what wording is allegedly defamatory and in what way. As such, I'm investigating moving the blog to a host elsewhere, recommended by someone on another forum. That'll p*ss them off.
  22. My host, One&One, are refusing/unable to provide the exact wording on the post that is allegedly "defamatory". I am investigating moving my blog onto a server hosted overseas, as offered by a nice person on another forum
  23. Another friend has also copied the blog post and put it up on her US-hosted blog. In addition I've requested a lot of information from my host, including the exact wording that's claimed to be defamatory and the reasons for *why* it's claimed to be defamatory. Also a 14-day limit before any takedown to permit me to seek legal advice and perhaps an injunction to prevent them doing so. All of which I gather I'm actually legally entitled to.
  24. Bernie - sadly that won't wash with my host who are the ones who've told me I have to remove the post or my blog will be erased
  25. Great minds, Mighty... I've just this moment reposted the entire thing on the MoneySavingExpert.com website, which I can't like to at present as I need another 12 posts on here! I'll replace the post late on Sunday night if I have no other option. I won't remove it... that way the link to it will still work as it will remain on Google for an age anyway. The replacement post will contain a link to the article above. Which is hosted by a consumer advice organisation with a good reputation and a legal team. Let's see how they deal with *that*.
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