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  1. Hi honeybee thanks for replying , i thought a cash in would be out the question but seen as they were with hsbc we could try ! Ok i have one in front of me cant scan it mines broke ! its from hsbc - ***** Ltd Stakeholder Scheme Group stakeholder pension scheme we are writing with important infoirmation , please keep in a safe place as you may need to refer to later ; A pension summary oct 09 to nov 2010 retirement income projection based on the current value of your pension as at nov 2010. Summary of value brought forward £8,617 , total payment recieved £2400 , total deductio
  2. hi all - really confused where as money gone ? In april 2010 our family company went into liquidation - thanks to hsbc inv finance! anyway for about 3-4yrs My dad who was sole director and myself as company secratary were recieving monthly payments into a group stakeholder scheme pension , we did not contribute personally . neither of us really understood the scheme it was set up by hsbc and just to left to run to be honest ... my dad recieved £400 pm and mine was £200.00 these were hsbc recommedations for payments . The reason i ask is 1 our liquidator has also gone into liquidation and
  3. hi i will have a look at fos thanks , its very hard gettin info out of him at the moment there is alot of finger pointing between family who's fault this is all is , but will def ask and update as to what /when x
  4. i did wonder if i should have put seperate threads- thanks all for quick responses x She is unable to maintain the current payments each month have not contacted national debt only just discovered whole scenerio and dont have all info to asses what debt she actually is in so i jumped straight on here ! .. i think the 2 new letters requests for more made her think before agreeing anything ... she is worried about cancelling all incase it gets her into more trouble !! I think we should focus on the ones she does not have a clue about first especially as 2 of them are with lowell and they are r
  5. Thankyou for quick reply she is out buying folders envelopes and stamps and hopefully a very large bottle for me too take home tonight !! ... for the dca's where she is paying 2 amounts do we do seperate ones ? and for caboot 2 seperate amounts same ref on both d/d just one ? she moved in jan 2011 and did not bring any docs with her so shall i ask bank for payee contact details on direct debits or find them on web ? x
  6. Hello all Could somebody please give me a starting point ... Since finding this site i have been constantly recommending to all that will listen .. my younger sister has taken advice and made a plea today ... i popped up to see how she was finding site... Here's what i discovered ... i thought she had one debt recovery contacting her ..... it seems she has been in deep trouble for longer than thought , she has met a new partner who does not have debt and does not like agree with it ??... anyways debt collection agencys have been contacting my sister and on trying to deal with situ
  7. So Sorry yes he did , misread on my behalf thanks all i will relay news , thanks again x
  8. hi Thanks all for reply , he did not declare the conviction at the start and have since found out it was not just one conviction! , they are negotiating costs with garage !! The insurance company are refunding his premium to date which is approx £1100, but will they then bill them for all work they have done ? The 3rd party was quite badly hurt she was on a scooter, she has been in hospital for several weeks so a compensation claim is coming a very big one , what happens then obviously they do not have the money to pay ? thanks x
  9. hi i write for my sister about 6 wks ago she had a collision with a scooter ... it was her fault .. she has joint insurance with her partner .. im sure he is primary holder and she is named on policy ... the insurance cmpany have retrived car and put into garage for repairs . they came out to visit and go through claim they asked her partner to sign written declaration that he had no convictions within last 3 yrs ... they have recieved a call sayin he lied .. from what we can make out .. her partner took call and is not the best at relayin exactly what was said but he has got a previous w
  10. Hi All , please help - very confused !! Im in a bit of jam , i am going to try for ppi on mbna c card , its a bit tricky though (well for me) the statements used to come through addressed to incorrect business name( was not our Registered title ) and then my dad name underneath - the company is in liquidation they are now writing for payment from dad and not including the incorrect business name they previously detailed - we have no documents as liquidators still have them and need to act asap to claim the ppi - However a couple of years into the agreement i was added as a additional car
  11. hi After consideration i have decided to try and claim these charges back , i have drafted a letter outlining the circumstances and requesting they refund charges . if somebody would have a quick read through id appreciate it and any suggestions welcomed ..... I would like to request a refund of unfair excessive charges that have been applied to my account. I believe that the following charges as detailed below are excessive as they do not reflect the true cost of going into an unauthorised overdraft to the value of £3.06!!! for a total of 7 days !. Due to financial difficultys c
  12. Hi Could somebody please advise i want to request unauthorised overdraft fees back but unsure how to approach .... Banked with lloyds several yrs , have a c card with them , in april this year i got made redundant i am now on income support , i currently pay lloyds £1.00 pm on a 6.5k c card , in june they took the minimum payment for c card out of my account without me knowing and nearly wiped me out so i set up a new account elsewhere , i cancelled all d.d etc but i forgot about a subscription to equifax which uses my debit card they applied for £6.99 a month fee this put me - £3
  13. update : went to benefit review , the women was new and lovely , there computer was not saying a date to come off income support even though my daughter is already severn she updated with college and said i will eventually get a letter to come off income and then we can discuss whats available , i may have already finishe college by then ! so all ok panic over but thanks for your advice anyway xxx
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