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  1. Hi Folks, The companies are, Pounds2Day, Wageday Advance, 247 Moneybox, 1 Month Loan,Payday Uk. I have cancelled the DD for WDA. I have also had my bank cards cancelled, ensured the bank understood that I wanted them cancelled not just replaced. My bank have assured me that no one can enter my bank account using the old card details. They have said that a company can only enter the account now if a DD had been set up. Am I safe to relax or can they still get in. Many Thanks
  2. Hi Shanti, Many thanks for the quick response. Will cancel the card first thing in the morning. Any ideas how I stop them going in for all there money at once. Thanks
  3. Hi Folks, First time posting. We have got into a mess with 5 seperate payday loans. There seems to be no way out. We have got 2 young kids, if we pay even the intrest it will leave us with nothing and no way to pay our rent and council tax. I am planning to contact them all in the morning, but I am unsure as to what I say and how I put a freeze on these. It is getting out of hand, too many sleepless nights and cranky parents because of all the worry. Any advice and help would be great. Cheers in advance
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