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  1. Hi, I hope someone can help or shed some light on this. For the last few weeks my mother has been receiving threatening text messages from a company called 'Credit Resource Solutions', demanding that she call 'Sarah' over an apparent debt, or they'll carry out 'action' or visit our home. They provide a reference number beginning with 'SWNT*******' but in several of the texts the last digit is different despite identical wording. This worried her because only family and friends have her mobile number - she never lists it as a contact number for anything important - and she has debts, but all known ones are currently being paid or in the process of being resolved. There have been no letters, either - frankly I'd expect any real or reputable DCA to make contact via post rather than text. So I did some checking, and CRS and these same messages are listed in several places as being a [problem]. Which was something I was more than happy to believe until they started ringing last week. My Mum won't answer calls from unknown numbers on her mobile, so when they last called I did. They demanded to speak to my mother, wouldn't give me any information when I said I was authorised to speak on her behalf, and said she needed to call them at CRS. No calls since, and no response to my e-mails to them asking what this 'debt' was pertaining to, which still leads me to believe they're trying to pull off a [problem]. I'm asking for help here because today they sent a message to my Mum saying they would pass on her case to 'H L Legal' if she didn't call them immediately. I told her not to, as it still looks like a [problem], but it's beginning to seriously scare her - she's been ill recently and is stuck inside, and now terrified that someone will force entry and remove our belongings. Is this anything we should be worried about? Or are they simply [problematic]? Thank you for any help anyone can provide.
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