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  1. I have looked at many sites and forums and a lot of people are having problems with this gearbox. Most French car makers use this one as standard so I can't imagine that they don't know about these faults.
  2. I've had the car now since Jan this year, but Consumer Direct say SOGA is valid for up to 6 years after purchase. I've now agreed to pay the £500 for the repair, I might have had a good case in court but it all takes so long and the Judge might have said a part payment, after all this time, would be fair. I'm still very angry about how this has turned out because I went to a dealer so I would have more peace of mind and have been ripped off. I have learned a lesson now and won't make the same mistake again. I shouldn't have paid for the first repair but didn't know my rights properly.
  3. I bought a 52 plate Renault Clio Automatic from a dealer in Jan this year. The day after I took it home a fault light came on on the dash and the car went into a safe mode. I looked it up in the handbook and saw that this was a gearbox fault and to go to a Renault dealer to have it checked. I Told the dealership of this and they said they would sort it for me. After about 5 visits to their workshop with no improvement they had it diagnosed at a Renault Garage. Renault said that there was a pressure problem and that changing the "EVM Valve" might help. I was then told, by the dealer that this part was not covered by the 3 month guarantee I had on the car and I would have to pay the £600 repair bill myself. I contacted Consumer Direct who said under the SOGA They were liable for the repair. I wrote to the dealer advising them of this and after a few phone calls I agreed to pay £250 towards the cost and they paid the rest. I probably shouldn't have done this but I just wanted to get it done. This seemed to have worked but 5 months later the fault reoccurred. I went back to the Renault Garage who replaced the valve because there was still a warranty on the part. They told me that if it had already gone wrong again that there was a problem with the whole gearbox and that it probably needed replacing. They also said that the dealer was aware of this and they had chosen only to have the valve replaced. I wrote to the dealer asking them to sort it out but they didn't want to know at first saying that the guarantee had run out. After speaking to Consumer Direct again I wrote to the dealer again saying that if they didn't replace the gearbox I would go to Court to get a judgement against them. I received a reply yesterday, they offered to put in a refurbished gearbox, at a cost of £1200, to which I should contribute £500. Does anyone think this is fair or should I hold out and file a claim against them. I just need a bit of advice as to what to do. Sorry for the long post but this has been going on for months now and I'm a bit frustrated.
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