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  1. Thank you dx100uk. That looks like a lot of reading, but I will get my head round it...probably tomorrow.
  2. Hi everyone. I have used the CAG successfully for debt matters, and I am hoping you will be able to help as I ask for some direction again. My husband had a loan with Barclays about 10 years ago, re-negotiated about 7 years ago, and PPI was added. At the time he says he was told it had to be there, and he wasn't given a choice to have it or not, the general feeling was that they might not give him the loan if he didn't have it, so we think he has been mis-sold PPI and we wish to put a claim in. My problem is I am not sure where to start! We were sent a barclays claim pack over a year ago, but we can't find it. Do we ask for another one? SAR them first? All the threads I have looked at seem to contain people who are mid-way through and dealing with ombudsmen and court! Can someone give me a general step-by-step guide please, or a good first letter to start with? Apologies if I am missing something very obvious.
  3. I decided to keep a box file specifically for this lot of letters. Every letter I have received goes in, in date order and with proofs of postage and a copy of my reply letter stapled to it so I know what I replied to which letter and on what date. So far so good. I suppose the fun starts if Marlin either try it on again themselves, or pass this unenforceable alleged debt on to another DCA. I have heard of a 'bemused' letter that can be sent if it does get passed on to another DCA when its in dispute. Is that one in the library?
  4. I think it's been very well established that this outfit appear to be dodgy traders, what with the stupid threats of court action, the allegations of a contract and the forbidding of the name being mentioned or he'll sue for defamation. My question was meant in a lighthearted way, I mean, if this trader had decided that there was a contract, why haven't they come to do the work? Could it be that he is completely aware that he would have been turned away as no written contract exists? I'm following this case with interest because it is an interesting story. I want to know if this trader has done this with others and if they have paid up, and I'd love to see him named and shamed!
  5. Hi poppay2 Yes, just checked my envelopes, nothing identifiable as a date on mine either. You could do what I do, and scribble the date you received it on the top of each letter. I will write my shopping lists on the backs of these date free envelopes - well, since Marlin are sending them free, they might as well be useful for something! You don't often get something useful for nothing these days!
  6. Referring back to post 29...if you had agreed for the work to be done as this company is alleging...why then haven't they turned up at your door with bricks, scaffolding and vans and things?
  7. Hi Brigadier! Thanks for the info. It seems very strange to me that someone who writes demanding money and threatening legal action should not have all the documents needed to prove that its a valid debt. These letters from Marlin made me shake as I read them, they were that nasty! However, if this is the way it is, then it is the way it is. I am so glad I found this site, someone directed me to it after a bad do with fraud and Welcome finance and and they got it sorted out in 3 letters thanks to the CAG, so we both tell everyone with a problem to look on here for the best advice and follow the relevant threads! Thank you
  8. Got letter from Marlin this morning. We write with reference to the above matter and your recent letter dated XXXX in regards to the request pursuant to S.77 (1) S78 consumer credit act 1974. 'We confirm that we are at liberty to supply any details we hold relating to your account on file, unfortunately as we have been recently appointed to collect the debt, we do not hold a copy of the loan agreement therefore we have contacted Cabot Financial for this information and will forward to you upon receipt. the account will remain on hold whilst we are awaiting this information, until such time that the Agreement has been received the account will remain unenforceable.'' A couple of points here, that is the first time they have mentioned its an alleged debt for a loan. Surely if they took over the account, Marlin would have to have ALL the relevant details, such as proof that such a loan exists in the form of the original agreement or copy thereof. The date they have quoted for the recent letter is incorrect, I sent the CCA letter on june 13th! This letter now filed safely in order with the others received from Marlin, as from reading on here, they can start up again and threaten some months down the line, and if they do, it would be good to send copies of this letter back to them, and every regulatory body else I can think of. If they do of course.
  9. Apologies for any misunderstandings, Brigadier, you are quite correct, the OC is listed as BRITANNICA RECOVERIES S.A.R.L, not Britannia. I read it wrong on the letter. Dispute letter sent recorded delivery to sign for, copy and proof of posting stapled to their last letter. And now we wait.
  10. I had to send the CCA letter to Marlin recently, and I left the PO blank, and the buggers sent it back to me along with my CCA letter with a covering letter informing me that I hadn't filled it in properly. It is on my thread (marlin nasty tactics) and is thought to be standard delaying tactics by them. . You don't sign it but please DO write ''marlin financial services'' on the top line of the postal order, or they'll probably send it back to give themselves more time and send your stress levels higher.
  11. Hi all. No reply to my CCA request as yet. I still have no clue as to who the alleged original creditor was. And if they don't provide any information, I STILL won't! Ex husband controlled everything and I dimly remember being told to sign some stuff in the mid-nineties. I am not willing to go into the mental abuse side of it, but got out a few years ago. This could stem from something I signed then and was told I had to keep paying as part of leaving without him putting up a fight, but if the alleged debt has been sold on and on without me being informed, I'll never know.
  12. Hello Brigadier! Original creditor is apparently Britannia SARL. Never heard of them, never had dealings with them, never had a letter from them, never purchased or borrowed anything from them. Cabot sent me a letter last year, never replied to the CCA request. Then I get this letter from Marlin!
  13. They certainly have used the slowest possible postal method. Perhaps the ''leave in the tray for another 3 days'' has been found to work before. By the time I'd got the last letter threatening action, the deadline on their letter had already passed and I did feel a bit panicky. ..till I remembered all I had to do was ask on here. I have all the means on here to counter any lies, my printer will be very busy, what with complaints to 5 different places if they step out of line. I don't know if the balance they state is true or not, since there is no original recognisable creditor for this alleged debt so I cannot do a SAR. If I were to get a discount letter, that implies to me desperation on their part to get something!! I can't have missed a payment since I haven't made any payment, as there is no proof a debt exists and none has been provided. I DO NOT AGREE to paying higher payments than currently. Since that is £0.00 per month I will quite happily keep it that way. They can try pestering me by phone, they will get reported to all regulatory bodies till they stop. This alleged debt becomes statute barred in 3 years, and with the help of the CAG, whatever is thrown at me I know I can cope with. You are all awesome, thank you.
  14. Received today, letter from Marlin, advising that they have ''previously requested a statement of this account and copy of the agreement from the original creditor and we are still to receive this information. we will forward to you upon receipt.'' Sounds like they requested this info when they took on the alleged debt and are still waiting for it. The alleged original creditor is a company I have never had any dealings with, and there was no CCA reply from Cabot when asked for the same information a year ago. I can't help but hope that Marlin realise that this is unenforceable and drop it. Funnily enough, their last 2 letters took 5 days to reach me, this one was sent by return of post. They also state my CCA letter was received by them on 23rd June. My CCA letter was originally sent on the 13th June, but they sent back the whole thing on the 19th so I could correctly fill in 3 words on the postal order. In dispute letter is ready to go thanks to the CAG library. The tone of this letter is so very different from the other 2, its like the difference between night and day.
  15. Thanks Spamheed, I immediately CCA'd these people, got the original letter back cos I hadn't written on who the postal orders were for, (standard delaying tactics I believe) and re-sent it recorded to sign for. It becomes in dispute on Monday. I have the in dispute letter ready from the library. Marlin, amongst other threats, say the alleged debt has come from Cabot, but the original creditor is named as Britannia, who I have never heard of, never purchased anything from, and havent received any letters from. From research on here they appear to be yet another DCA, so they cannot possibly be an original creditor. Since there's no original creditor named, I can't SAR them cos I simply do not know who the alleged debt originally allegedly belonged to (allegedly)! My logic is sound right?
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