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  1. Ohh I'm sure I'd read on other posts people saying to keep your curtains closed. Shall I just say I've paid the council direct and nothing more?? X
  2. It's a toddler slide and a my first trampoline so about 4ft with an enclosure. Ok all curtains etc shut so just gotta wait I guess x
  3. I don't have a shed or anything, I'm in a terraced house so we have an entry with next door, the gates are about 6ft high. Are they allowed to climb them? I can hide them round the corner so they would be out of sight if he didn't actually get in the garden. We live on a main road, domt own a car. Can they only charge for the 2 visits they've already made? Thanks x
  4. We are behind on council tax which I fully accept. Bristow sutor visited my address on a Monday left letter through the door £28 charge, next day didn't even knock as I was in all day but put another letter through door charging something else. Expecting me to pay £200 a month which I just don't have, payment was due on Friday but instead I paid £120 to the council direct. What do I do if they turn up? I have a trampoline and slide in my back garden can they levy these then break into my house? I'm expecting a visit this week at some point no doubt x
  5. Just had another letter put through my door. No knock just a tap on the letter box and the brown envelope through my door. Saying they are prepared to let me pay £109 by the 16th then £104 every week after. No chance have I got that money at all.
  6. Not a single parent, don't have a car never open windows so should be ok. My partner knows to ignore the door. I will just pay to council on the 27th then, how long do they go between visits do they leave as don't want them coming back x
  7. Thanks, I don't get paid till the 27th so can't pay until then shall I just ignore any correspondence from them? X
  8. Got home from work today to a letter from bristow sutor bailiff, he called at 1.30pm (I left 10 minutes earlier) saying i owe £1131 council tax, which I do, I lost my job and recently am employed again. I can afford around £130 a month now. I have a 2 year old son and don't want him coming to my house again, as it happens I emailed the council this morning before this to offer them this payment. Anything I can do? I owed about £500 in the past and bristow sutor intimidated me and I refuse to let them do it again. Thanks in advance. X
  9. Sorry didnt realise it didnt work, have copied the 2 main sections i need advice on from the contract. Our initial fixed term agreement was 6 months, thereafter it was just month by month. We didnt sign anything new so from what we can gather our tenancy has rolled over to a AST Periodic tenancy. The problem is our landlord is saying we have to give 2 months notice to leave the property. Weve spoken to several organisations including Shelter who say this is not the case. Our actual contract states : Clause 1.1 The Landlord lets and the tenant takes the property known as (not including address) together with the furniture and effects set out or referred to in the schedule hereto from the 2nd October 2009 for a term certain of 6 months at the rent of (undisclosed) per calender month. If on the last day of the term there is not subsisting : any notice served by the tenant under clause 6.2 of this agreement to bring the tenancy to an end nor, any notice served by the landlord under section 2 of the housing act requiring possession of the premises ; Then the landlord shall let and the tenant shall take the premises at the rent payable under this agreement for a term of one month commencing on the day after the last day of the term and thereafter month to month. And then clause 6.2 states ; The tenant may terminate this tenancy by serving atleast two months prior written notice on the landlord such notice to expire on the last day of the term or on any date thereafter which immediatley precedes a day on which the rent falls due.
  10. Hiya there, really need some advice. Basically since december weve had a hellish time in our house, boiler broke 3 times, pipes burst, got a big hole in my ceiling thats now been there nearly a month so its freezing. Havent been able to actually live in the property for nearly 2 weeks whilst all this was going on. So we decided to move out. Our tenancy was a fixed term agreement which started on 2nd Oct 2009 for 6 months, so that ran out march 2010. Im assuming from what ive read that this then rolled over to a periodic tenancy. Im going to attach 2 parts to this document obviously deleting any personal info just because i want a definate opinion before we serve our one months notice as our landlord says we have to give 2 months notice, as stated in clause 6.2. Any help would be greatly appreciated, also in clause 3 it states that he holds the deposit. Weve checked the bond schemes and cant find our bond registered with any of the government appproved ones. Thanks in advance xx
  11. Just bumping this up. Got home from work today to another snotty little card from 'Scotcall' saying to contact them immediately. I emailed them with one of the templates from here and they said they were returning to account to original creditor as in dispute. Any ideas what to do next? xx
  12. Right. After emails today apparently the agent wrote on the wrong reference number on the little card that i had through my door. This is the email. Good Afternoon Thanks once again for attached, the reference number should be 379**** and not 375****. This is for an outstanding account in your name for Capquest - Shop Direct Financial Services for the amount of £369.53. Our letter was sent out to you on the 02/09/10 stating that the account had been passed to ourselves for collection. You can pay the agent in instalments if you feel that would be an option for you. S White ScotCall 3rd Floor Spectrum House 55 Blythswood Street Glasgow G2 7AT Yet the man on the door told my partner it was to do with electric? Im just unsure as how to deal with this now. I have recieved no letter at all, im not disputing i owe the debt but i would rather resolve it via the company instead. Thankyou xx
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