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  1. I involved trading standards, both locally and in the area the company is based. Both fell flat on their face in getting any contact or help to aid my case. the company dont seem too interested in SOGA, their website is full of terms and conditions that are infact invalid. They seem to hide behind the fact that it is nearly impossible to find anything out about the company or their staff
  2. Following a year long battle of ignored emails, phony addresses and the inability to get a name at the company, I have just received a refund of the original transaction amount. In short, we purchased a tap from nicetap.com. it leaked after a few days. After a long time elapse and several emails/calls (most of which requested that I made do with no kitchen tap), I recieved a replacement tap. After a couple of days - this too leaked everywhere. We had installed a very expensive solid wood worktop & this was at risk of damage with the amount of water going everywhere!!! At t
  3. I have gained some further information regarding the company. If anyone would like it, please PM me!!
  4. Has anyone found any information about this company as yet?? I have a very similar situation. I bought a tap from nicetap, it arrived and within days had flooded my brand new kitchen. After providing countless images, it was agreed to replace the tap.. I was referred to the companies terms and conditions for return and followed these to the letter. postage alone was nearly £25.00. The address given to me by the company was Seedhill terrace (looking at street view - it is not exactly on a trading estate). the parcel was attempted for delivery and subsequently never coll
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