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  1. The point, though, is that the exit inventory should be gone through with agency and tenant together, especially when the inventory is 30 pages, with add ons made by me when I moved in, since the inventory, despite the 30 pages, did not cover everything. Who is 100% sure that the agent will go through every detail, especially my add ons, if I am not there when they check. It would be also an easy way of avoiding disputes later on, and unnecessary delays, if I was there as well. Also because some little things need a background knowledge of events, which the clerk or the agency might not know...
  2. I am a tenant in the process of moving out of a rented house. The estate agent have proposed to have an appointment in their office to hand over the keys, bills etc. After that, it seems they will carry the exit inventory check themselves at a later date, without me being present. And that seems to be their standard way of doing things. I thought it would be fair (and maybe by law?) that landlord/his estate agent and tenant would be present together to go through the inventory, to then have a fair overview of things. At least that is what happened in my previous rented accomodations. Aren't estate agents forced by law to set up the exit inventory checkout with the tenant being present?
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