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  1. Hi all, new poster here. To make a long story short, some ******* hit my parked car while I was in it and now his claiming the opposite happened, that I hit him. Right now the claim is in dispute and its looking like it's going to go 50/50 instead of being totally his fault. There is really nothing I can do in my situation since in California the police do not come out unless there is a personal injury and everybody that witnessed it did not want to give me their name/number as a witness. People are very unfriendly out here. Basically it's my word against his. I am sick of the [problem] insurance companies that don't want to protect you and are only interested in their bottom line and the dishonest people who lie about their fault. I want to sue everybody and everything I can until I go broke. I want to file frivolous lawsuits against the guy who hit me, my insurance company, the city, county and state I live in, the department of transportation, the federal government. Everything. I'm going to sell my house and car to fund this and am going to make the guy who hit me life a living hell. I am also going try to tie up the insurance company and government for years. I'm sure there is little fine print legalese I can find that will allow me to take all of these parties to court. Any idea on where I can look? does anybody have any attorneys that would be willing to take some frivolous cases. Anybody ever try anything like this? I could use some help here.
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