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  1. Unless I'm missing a point ( which I probably am ) why would I want to make a complaint about them losing a CCA. I could lodge a complaint about the saga being transferred without a CCA while in dispute. Can anyone confirm if I'm right or wrong on any matters?
  2. Well if push comes to shove as long as I have enough ammo to make them F off. I bet they treat all cases the same. This part about having 6 months to complain that's mentioned. Surely it's not for a bank to tell a consumer how long they have to complain like these lot did.
  3. to start with I asked for cca under section s77/78 CCA then asked again under CPR 31.16(3)©&(D) so they don't try to pull a fast one. Not only that 6 months is a long to argue about getting one. The OFT are useless! Cheers Ford.
  4. That's exactly what I thought. Well the new owner wont have a cca either and it shouldn't have been sold on while in dispute.
  5. Better not say who it at a mo but it is a high street bank. Any thoughts.
  6. I've never had a NatWest account so I have no idea where they got that from. Does this bank have the right to tell me how long I have to take this to the Financial ombudsman ? Still no CCA. and they've already sold the debt to a 3rd part despite the account being in dispute and letters being sent. I really don't care if they reject it. I didn't write to complain to them I wrote their High way robbery collections dept for a CCA All I wanted was proof of no CCA and this seems to be it ( am I right? ) I'm sure it takes a bit more than mentioned to accept liability
  7. After 6 months of asking for a CCA I get this: Final Response Dear Mug! Account Number: xxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your letter dated xx June 2010, addressed to , my understanding of your complaint is that: • You believe s. I'm sorry that you're unhappy with the way this matter has been handled. Highway Robbery Collections has requested we respond to your correspondence. Having considered the comments you've made, my understanding of your complaint is that: • You believe Highway Robbery Collections has failed to provide you with your requests for your credit agreemen
  8. I've quite often seen on these boards people saying "We don't have debtors prisons anymore", this just proves we do.
  9. Just as I said. Spoken to some other people in London today regarding summon's . Council DO NOT send warning letters. they may claim they do but my research from the people I've spoken to says they don't.
  10. I'm going through the same **** right now. Absolutely no warning at all. I swear council don't issues letter in the first place.
  11. oilyrag I do believe you ( I'm struggling to find what you said ) but surely some area's have case law on their side where the consumer is involved.
  12. Oh well. that's that idea out the window!
  13. Would be nice to hear of someone actually going for the jugular of a DCA by reporting and getting something done about their actions.
  14. OK so no one knows the answer( that I do ), but from my own interpretation I can't see how a 6 year law can exist.
  15. I'd be inclined to read them and if they're no different and you've already responded, send the letter back at their expenses "Return to sender". Don't waste your time,waste theirs. Emails: They can be used in court which is probably why they wont accept them. Bloody parasites!!
  16. Having just read this article: Add www at the front. europeanlawmonitor.org/EU-Information/EU-Legal-Principles/EU-Law-Does-European-Law-Override-National-Law.html Would I be right in saying if that is the case then surely The statute barred law of 6 years is really 3 years!
  17. Saying you saw something on a forum isn't much of defence. At best irritating. what great legal training these people must have gone through.
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