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  1. I just got a letter from Moorcroft saying cough up after I kicked up a stink with BLS and lloyds for not having a CCA AND because they don't keep records for more than 6 years. hence me asking what the procedure is.
  2. Thank you. The reason for asking is that if a banks in house collection dept then passes the debt to abc debt dollectors should then they something rather than just getting a letter from the new DCA. A good example being BLS who then pass it onto Moorcroft without notification. It happens a lot on here.
  3. eg Is it possible to find out IF a bank has sold the debt ? Does this form a NEW contract between you and the DCA thus now having no contract with the bank Obtaining how much it was sold for sold for. e.g they sell a £100 loan for 60 is £60 is your new debt.
  4. Is there any point to these people. The FOS are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.
  5. EVERYONE complains about moorcroft and still nothing has been done.
  6. I see what you're saying but laws are passed for a reason whether judge likes it or not he's there to supposedly make sure there's no foul play according to current legislation
  7. Been there done that. Westcot seems to be their preferred choice of disease. at least they're writing to you rather than phoning you. I'm not sure how arrangements work between Lloyds and westot, but westcot DO NOT check details before engaging their mouths. ie that they have the legal right to pursue. I would say try the FOS, they not fair, impartial, and as they are paid by the industry. They're not going to bite the hand that feeds them. As for finding out where you are. Its very hard to hide personal details in this day and age. Ask for proof of the debt is 1) Current 2)
  8. Sorry to bump this thread as it's a carbon copy of what I'm going through. Would I be right in saying that Debt Collection agencies just buy debts blindly and don't check the debt exists,and legally entitled collect ?
  9. jsa12. that link is a carbon copy of what I'm going through. Thanks for the link.
  10. That's a little basic. If creditors hadn't lent money none of us would be here.
  11. Not turning up ( whatever the reason apart from sudden death or run over ) is not going to help. If you really are that serious about this it's either law society or Judicial Appointments Commission. I bet the procedure is far from simple.
  12. So looking at it a debt collector can ask for money with no agreement in place, just because a bank told them to do it.
  13. so these OFT guide lines should be thrown in the bin, is that right ? Sections 77-79 of the Act give an individual the right to ask for a copy of their credit agreement and a statement of account from the lender for £1. Under normal circumstance this could have been the original agreement was lost and the individual needed to check the terms such as the interest rate. If the creditor did not send a copy of the agreement within 12 working days, they were not allowed to take further action or enforcement against the individual until they sent the agreement. This is where the confusion ar
  14. I'm just as confused as you and confused as to how this case has gone so badly wrong. I'm trying to defend myself ( like 99% of the people reading this ) . I'm not make a claim yet here I am reading this.
  15. Has anyone in the last 12 months been able to defend a no CCA case?
  16. This is damn scary. I'm about to go through the same myself with No cca. What is the point of a law if every judge ignores it.
  17. FFS no one is going to bite the hand that feeds them. What a joke! Cheers Rebel just proves what I said.
  18. Is that a definite £450 as fact it's hardly surprising and would make them VERY biased to the point they need to be disbanded. Hardly a service to the consumer.
  19. If the FOS are financed by the banking industry ( which is a fair assumption ) why would they bite they (The FOS) hand that feeds them, and I still don't see why other bodies say they are fair and independent. they're not ! What I'm having used against me is that bank are only obliged to keep record for 6 years. That makes no sense. obliged to keep for that period and longer ?... is min or max???? I don't understand . so if I had a loan for 10years they'd still throw the agreement away(!!) that's just plain dumb. surely they should hold onto records for as long as there's not a zero ba
  20. Reading it now. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?291474-Waksman-Carey-and-summary-of-findings-4&highlight=waksman
  21. Is it worth continuing with these HIGHLY biased people
  22. Here's what they said. "I took the money so there for I should pay it back and he sees no reason why LLoyds should lose that money just for the sake of no current agreement." Does that sound right ?
  23. Can anyone advise on my options? Please.
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