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  1. Could anyone please clarify how many times you're supposed to submit the £1 for CCA to a bank especially after they say they don't have it!!!. I've just been asked for it a second time and told if I don't pay it they'll close the complaint!! Have this documented, sent via recorded delivery and the extra £1 deducted from the alleged total. As far as I'm aware I pay once. If this banks to shut down my complaint that's their problem not mine. My whole sorry saga was handed back to them from a DCA who had no CCA ( was pointed out in a letter ) The bank insist I need to pay again
  2. Th letters "PPI" seems to make a lot of DCA's go quite... strange that!!!
  3. What the.... So the same monkeys are going over the same paper work. Doesn't look like they believe in efficiency then.
  4. Not sure if anyone can answer this but "Surely if a Debt has been sold then all links in that contract have now been broken especially if there's no CCA.":???:
  5. They have to have a complaints procedure but in reality it doesn't mean anything. If it did mean anything they'd comply with the law. I've taken the same stance as well with my new and improved DCA ( tad tarrrrrr), they get naff all from me now and naff all in the future. If any payment are to be made and if such a CCA exists then those payment would be made to ltsb not them as I have no contract with a DCA regardless of contract exists between them and LTSB.
  6. looks like I've been promoted from Moorcroft to Robinson way, that means I've got to go through all this cr*p again with no cca.
  7. That's exactly what happened to me and exactly what I did.
  8. That's because the people they employ are NOT legally qualified and paid for by the industry ( banks and insurance companies ) so they're not likely to bite the hand that feeds them!! Bloody waste of space and time they are. Just tick the box saying you don't agree on the appeal.:-x:-x:-x:-x
  9. No problem. I'd never heard of them before so I looked them up to see what they do and was quite flabbergasted at 1) what they do 2) the scale 3 The number of complaints and by the looks of things taking on accounts when they know there's no CCA.
  10. Possibly yes, See the comment above the original I made and follow it down. Not difficult.
  11. I've just looked Aktiv Kapital up. How is it even in the slightest bit possible if these people have no CCA or anything signed ???
  12. Because they know the FOS will do f**k all !! Quote them your rights and have a look through your contract at the SMALL PRINT !!
  13. Is the FOS under investigation ? This is old , but makes interesting reading: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/money/consumer_affairs/article6925373.ece http://www.mymoney24.co.uk/banking/complaints_handling_comes_under_fire_1_807119
  14. Having just read the thread, this sprang to mind: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11438243
  15. Sorry for the late reply but I'd really love to get to the bottom of this myself as well. Like a lot of other people on here my banks has disposed of my CCA. The usual story from them of only having to keep records for 6 years but I'm convinced that's the minimum not the maximum but I'm unsure of the exact law(s) they'll be referring to. Does anyone have any 100% answers ? I'm of the impression that destroying contracts before a loan is repaid is committing Hara Kiri, I'm hoping, as the expression goes.
  16. That's because it hasn't taken 15 years. This happened in 2001 along along with 2 subsequent transactions that were caught by the bank via an intercepted cheque book which I still have records of. Details were handed over to my solicitor who decided not to do anything about it ( again I have a record of the letters to the solicitor ). I've been in discussion with the legal ombudsman and another solicitor in the last 24 hrs who say I do have a case, BUT I have to wait to see what the bank wants to do with the evidence( statements, company house search, etc etc )
  17. They're a waist of space my friend as I've just found out. No matter what's there's in black and white!
  18. Response from the FOS. Thank you for your email I have considered your comments but do not believe this information makes any difference to your complaint. You have confirmed receiving the funds from the loan and as such I believe Lloyds TSB is able to hold you liable for the outstanding balance. If you believe the payment you have highlighted is fraudulent then you should raise this as a new issue with Lloyds. I note your statement that Lloyds has told you that you should address any further concerns to the ombudsman service. However this issue has not been raised before and Lloyds
  19. Have been gone through complaint procedure against Lloyds through the FOS. to cut along story short 7000 loaned 5500 given to a closed book shop. Lloyds didn't have the statements because of the age of the account, I've just found them. t The FOS says it doesn't affect his decision I'm still liable for LLoyds giving out money from my account and the statements don't don't affect his decision. I even did a printed search on Company House's website and obtained details of the company the money was transferred to which show the book shop shut in 1996!!! Since when did statements stop b
  20. Not that i don't wish to believe that but that statement reiterates what I said.they don't have meaning they can if they so wish hold them for longer and banks DO. Banks can hold records for dozens of years if they wish to. Just found this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?32853-How-long-does-your-bank-keep-statements
  21. A 1000's thank yous. I'm in the process of going through the FOS appeal ( for good that's going to do ! ) for a complaint against a bank that has said they don't have my CCA yet passed it across to DCA after it went through their in house collection dept. Good piece of info in the link. The OC is claiming they're only obliged to keep CCA for 6 years. this I'm sure is the Minimum not the Max, so they're trying to pull a fast one then passed it to a DCA for my troubles of asking where it is. I'm pretty sure the original letter from the DCS says "Acting for"
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