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  1. was your BB with them before mind?


    or are you switching..


    Yes it was


    They should have been able to do an amendment on their system "Chordiant" to the product and it would have placed a direct order with BT to UPG the line to Fibre.

    Youve been had and thats not fair on you...


    What have you dont to try and resolve this with them?


    Listened to them give wrong date after wrong date, argue between themselves and now enough is enough.

    Even harsh language hasn't worked.


    Listened to them give one excuse after the next, use harsh language, threaten to jump ship.

    They haven't full filled their end of a contract which is to provide a service.

  2. Summary of problems:


    Admitted they overcharged me for 3 yrs, eventually got money back,

    Want to go on sky fibre, but had to cancel my existing broadband to do so as this was on a separate contract, cancel as they said

    And now 4 weeks later after placing an order over the phone I still have no broadband and now no telephone.


    Keep being told start date after the next to point I'm now so sick of it I'll have to go else where.


    I've been given wrong numbers, told wrong policies, Told incorrect contract lengths, and a whole lot more.


    Please someone tell me I'm within my rights to cancel this order as they've specified a date several times and still have not provided a service.

  3. They can't take what you do not have! and they've probably rejected what you offered because it's their job to. They want more ... but reality says "That's your lot, take it or leave it!". I wouldn't take any notice of what they reject. Just give them what you can afford and tell them to take it or leave it.


    Seriously even a judge can't make you give what you do not have because it physically isn't there!!!


    And as for Moorcroft treat them with a much contempt as want. They have no legal right to demand ANYTHING off. it doesn't mattter if they say Our client this and out client that. YOU DO NOT HAVE A CONTRACT WITH A DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY ( unless you decided to enter into one ). You contract is with the bank and they've terminated the contract then there isn't one to be held to

  4. Yep, it's not hard but it's too simple for those in charge.

    The amount of bureaucracy involved in doing anything with Gov't is laughable.

    if any council in the UK was a business they'd all go out of business.

    Someone somewhere is accountable for the UJM and person is trying to protect their job and your expense.

    its pretty obvious the UJM wasn't tested properly but it was signed off as fit for purpose by someone in a govt who's scared of failure and doesn't want to seen as wasting public money.....Well guess what!!

  5. Yep sorry wrong thread.


    I had a the same problem once where I didn't give them an option in accepting a token payment. I paid it, they didn't send it back thus it was accepted. This was done via a bank account payment so it couldn't be rejected.


    Maybe I was lucky. I'm not sure where each party stands if you make a payment to them and they don't return the payment , because I'm sure it wouldn't look good in court if they returned what you'd paid.

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