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  1. Good Afternoon, At the end of my tether now with worry, I only early around £1000 a month, and to pay off all my payday loans this month it would cost me £3500 approximately. I also have normal outgoings of around £800.00, leaving me with £200.00 a month to play with, with the payday loans. I am concidering getting a consolidation loan of around £13,000 to pay off all my debt, including all the payday loans, car finance and everything else, but I have a poor credit rating so I cannot go to the banks, although I heard in some cases, decisions of a loan with banks can be appealed. Are there
  2. Good Morning, I opened an account with Natwest back in June 2009, and they offered me an Advantage Gold account, with a £1300.00 limit credit card (mastercard), and a £500.00 overdraft. Over the past 18 months, I have maxed out the credit card, and had the limit reduced to £1170.00. I have never missed a payment, but usually only make the minimum amount, and each month I am hit with an overlimit fee, and 2x lots of interest amounts. Each month, after being hit with the interest and an overlimit fee of £12.00, I get taken back over my limit, and when I make a payment the followin
  3. Hi all, I've posted previously but lost track of my thread. I have £3200 of debt with 8 different payday loans, my pay for this month is just short of £700.00 which is a massive drop from normal, and it is looking likely that my salary wont increase again until January 31st. My outgoings leave me with £400.00 to pay with without paying any of the below. My loans are with Wonga (biggest loan £1*00), Payday Express (£500.00), Minicredit (£415), Lending Stream (£279 & £123), 1MonthLoan (£156), 247 Moneybox (£150) Wagedayadvance (£137.50). Obviously, there is no chance in h
  4. Hi all, I have finally decided that the re-loaning situation is no longer helping me, and regardless of the consequences that will follow, I am going to put a stop to it. It is not fair on my family or girlfriend anymore. Although they aren't aware, they can tell i'm going through problems with money and it needs to come to an end. I have 6 loans out, totalling up to £3000.00. Concidering I get paid around £1000 a month, this is now a major problem. The loans are as follows - Wonga £1500 (biggest issue - they must have made over £2000 in interest alone from me) PaydayExpress £
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