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  1. For future reference - the V5C2 is only valid for two months, but this is from the date you put on the green slip. In practice, you can use it whenever you like, and most post offices don't even mind a bit of tipp-ex on there. You can, however, only use it once, as they will stamp it.
  2. Unfortunately, the documentation you get when DVLA clamp your car can be very confusing. They usually sting you for the seperate offence of not DISPLAYING valid road tax. However, they would have written to you, as would the court. I think your chances are slim, but try Pepipoo Fightback Forums - they seem to have some people there who like to take on DVLA
  3. Is it actually a cut and shut, or is it on the Vehicle Condition Alert Register?
  4. He took it knowing it needed a turbo and drove it? Also had payment from the OP to cover the work, and that was £750 for a turbo? He's either a [EDIT] or an idiot!
  5. Very confusing - why would you pay a company to provide you with a banker's draft to purchase a vehicle? Why not pay the retailer direct? Can you clarify a little? Are the companies still trading?
  6. I bet if he'd accidentally taken £1,000 too much from your debit card, you'd want it back. He's doctored the invoice out of desperation, but two wrongs don't make a right. Looking at the timescale between your original post and receiving court papers, I'm not surprised he's gone down that route - it would appear you've avoided contact for over a week. And car dealers are the dodgy ones???
  7. Isn't there a section on the letter to state you were not the owner at that time?
  8. I believe you can disclaim the vehicle, and just let them take it. Unfortunately, I think you may well lose the plate.
  9. Hi all, Just drafting my SAR, but wondering who to address it to. The original mortgage was SPML, so should I send it to them, Capstone, or Acenden? Many thanks in advance...
  10. Hi, the point I was trying to make was that unless you have signed finance documents, you do not have a contract with the finance company, only an acceptance that they will fund your purchase. Indeed, the finance company could even change their mind if you were proceeding right up until the point where they pay the dealer. CCA will only come into effect once you have an agreement in place. Informing the finance company of your situation would certainly do the trick, as they would most likely change their decision to a decline. In your circumstances, if the dealership has dealt with you fair
  11. Minor point, perhaps, but notwithstanding all of the above, if the claimant had valid insurance, I would have thought the poster would hear from them. He will struggle to claim on his own! I agree that your brother should accept responsibilty, but he will only really have a problem if the other party had valid insurance. If not, the victim will be a victim of his own making.
  12. Hi, as you haven't taken delivery of the vehicle, you won't have signed finance docs yet, hence this is irrelevant. Before I say any more, can I ask why you wish to cancel your order?
  13. I take it from being a pre-reg that this is a main dealer? No order form of any description? Did they give you a value for your p/ex?
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