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  1. Thanks pcs 4671 - you do indeed seem to hold a lot of info on them - did you once work for them?! It's all good stuff, but do I really stand any chance of getting my money back? I did get a stock letter reply to my claim although there was no stamp on the envelope and so I had to pay nearly £2 to recover it from my local sorting office! I'd like to contact the land owner of the car park where I was clamped to see what their view is. As you suggest, it seems doubtful that they will even be aware there was a clamping and are therefore owed a cut of my "fee" - presumably this is how it works?
  2. Robbi - are you still monitoring this thread? I'm in Cranleigh too and wondered whether you'd like to join forces? I can't PM you because my post count is only 1 (well 2 now). If interested, please PM me. I've had the standard "seek legal advice" letter. I felt I had a case against the release fee as the clamp was not attached to the car when I returned 69 seconds after leaving it. And how can I found out who owns the land behind Stocklund Square/Sainsbury's in Cranleigh, Surrey? Thanks
  3. I'm about to go through this process with Parking Control Services - was clamped on Thursday after leaving my car for 69 seconds. Incidentally, does the SAI recommend a minimum time the clampers must wait before springing in to action? As you can tell, as it took me only 69 seconds to walk into my bank, put a cheque in a deposit envelope and walk back to the car, these guys were lying in wait. Again, does the SIA not recommend that they give a verbal warning? Look forward to any suggestions. Thanks. And in response to a much earlier post regarding CCJs, I've also looked up Magnaco Limit
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