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  1. Thanks 42Man - it was the court office who suggested a Stat demand in the first place as everything they had sent had been ignored (not that they officially give legal advice!) - and a solicitor friend... we can't fathom how these banks work though - they seem to be complete and utter idiots of the highest order. I will keep this thread updated with what happens, and when we can reveal the name of these foolish cretins, be sure we will - unless of course you read it on the front pages of your daily rag first!
  2. hi there - thanks danboy .. yes everything has been properly done as far as following the MOJ website/insolvency service site and help from a solicitor. We are only concerned we are playing with the big boys, and issuing a winding up notice on a high street bank may have its consequences. we are not sure as there is no information on this anywhere.... 42 Man - we took the civil claim route through the courts. The court awarded us monies and the bank just ignored the ruling - in fact they have ignored the court multiple times. Solictior told us bailiffs will be longwinded so we gave them t
  3. Hi, Claim amount below 10k, so technically no the high probability is the bank is not insolvent, but just ignores court papers, as they feel they are above it all. A winding up notice in the London Gazette may effect their share price!... but we are not sure which way to go ..
  4. Hi folks, Bit of an unusual one - we have recently issued a statutory demand against a bank, having successfully sued in court. The demand allows 21 days to pay or respond. Those 21 days are nearly up and I wondered if anyone has any experience of these, and what the next steps are... Maybe they will pay up on the 21st day?! any help appreciated. thx.
  5. Hello everyone. I am looking for some help on a secured loan (second mortgage) with GE Money.... The loan was taken out mid 2005 for consolidation of credit cards.. Figures are: Amount Borrowed £44,800 fixed at 6% above base rate over 180 months less Broker Fee £500.00 less PPI £4800.00 (yes, we were told we had to have this in order to qualify for the loan!) Processing Fee £500.00 Amount Received £39,000 Monthly payments have been maintained to date, albeit many times payments late so there are loads of charges, (approx £3000 + interest on charges of £800!
  6. Thanks very much for your help Ell-en, it makes sense, but its not what they have you believe when you call them up. Anyway hopefully I will pay the arrears off in the next couple of weeks. If I can't then I may take up your kind offer of assistance with a letter to offer to pay off in installments. Thanks again Johnny150
  7. Hi folks, We have a secured loan with GE money, 40k odd over 180 months. Both my partner and I have been struggling with getting work in this year and we have had some arrears, got up to date, then fell behind again. GE took the issue to court in Sept for possession, and the possession claim was adjourned with 'liberty to restore' We have arrears again this month but we could possibly pay in full in the next 2 weeks. We have just received new court documents for a hearing early December, because the arrears are £2,200 If we pay the arrears in full in the next 2 weeks, (we
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