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  1. hi yes thankyou for your response and help i bought van at auction one key and one fob i have them or did until insurance investigators took them as part of their enquiry i reckon vehicle went in about 30-40 mins period so all i can think is that thief was i nvehilce tamperin gdurin gthat period of course i was woirkin gat back of hosue and cant confirm or witness any of this this is probally my worst scenario in 30 years driving no payout 250 tpft til feb 11 and advised on £1000 fully cop + in march 11 and non was my fault thnaks iain
  2. hi i really feel for you i had my ford transit van soteln from the front of a clients house whilst working in the back garden i locked the van and did everything normally Fortis insurance reckon the back doors were open and i had told an investigation company this fact (not true either way) and a work collegue with me at the time had mentioned this to me on his returning to the vehicle to collect materials9that the doors were open)just not true i havent been negligent and never expected this to happen the cost has bee n a rea lblow and in all i have had t oborrow to
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