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  1. Hi, Thanks for the replies I had for my earlier post, asking if I should go ahead with work's appeal hearing myself now I have an ET date. I am waiting to hear if my ACAS person has got any response from my work, as last I heard they hadn't returned his calls. Does anyone know whether I should be collecting statements off staff (to prove what is/ has been common practice and what has in the past gone without leading to disciplinary actions) myself? My union rep says if I want this evidence collecting I should get it myself. I pointed out that surely the fact I am doing it would leave it open to accusations of leaning on people, leading questions etc. She says it doesn't matter that I am biased, because the statements won't count for anything regardless of whether she or I get them, because anyone acting in my defence is open to the same accusations, and that I shouldn't be asking staff to help as they may end up sacked themselves. She also says statements from former employees (who don't risk being sacked) are worth even less. I think this evidence would help me a lot but it can only be gathered once and I don't want it to be thrown out because of acussations of bias etc. Any advice? Thank you
  2. Hi, I've been given an employment tribunal hearing date. I got sacked in July and have been trying to have an appeal through work. We had one hearing that was aborted after a few minutes due to circumstances that called the managing director away. That was in Aug. The whole thing has caused me to lose sleep and weight on top of lost earnings and a damaged reputation. I am on trade union rep number three because one got seconded then my employer made a complaint against the second, all of which has delayed things further. I am due to start a temp job soon and will have limited availability. I certainly do not want to be taking time off. My new union rep has no fight and thinks I will lose the appeal and the tribunal (which for some reason she thinks propbably won't even happen) and won't help me gather evidence such as witness statements. I feel I can not represent my case properly without these, but to interview people myself would surely undermine the statements, what with my bias etc. This rep is pushing me to go to the appeal just to "exhaust all internal options" before going to the ET, the sense of which I can see. I find the managing director who is to hear the appeal a bully and he has done lots to make difficulties for me, such as the trumped up complaint againts rep number two. He didn't get round to trying to rearrange the appeal or answering some other queries until the letter informing him of the ET landed on him. To try and cut it short, I feel work have had long enough to sort this out and I would like to just get on with the ET and my new temp work without the stress of an appeal through work, which I feel won't be properly done anyway because of my employer's nature and my rep's unhelpfulness. ACAS are now also involved and trying to help sort things out to aviod the ET, which I am very in favour of in principle. Would it count against me if I do not do the appeal hearing my work is now trying to arrange, given that I have attended one (the one that got cancelled) and then tried for months to get a new date, which surely shows a willingness to co-operate? I am also showing willingness to get things sorted through ACAS, I have just no faith in getting justice through my union or my work and want to concentrate on my new job. Sorry this has ended up a bit wordy. Any advice/ questions welcome please. Thanks
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