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  1. I have now submitted this claim and was asked to provide details regarding my employment prior to the last employment, not sure what to think about it. Was not employed on a permanent basis before that and there were (just) more than 2 weeks between that and the last employment, probably they might try to not pay based on the small print. By the way, there were most post on this topic previously, wonder were they have gone now...!?!
  2. What is not covered? We will not pay benefit for unemployment in any of the following circumstances: • If the unemployment occurs within 60 days of the start date; or • If at the start date of the Policy, you knew you were going to be made unemployed, or you had reason to believe that it was likely; or • If you have not been in continuous work for six months, with one or more employers, immediately before your employment ended (for this purpose we will disregard any period of two weeks or less when you were not working); or
  3. Because there is also a 60 day exclusion period and they might only start to decide if a claim is valid after that and I want to avoid paying premium all that time - perhaps for nothing.
  4. I've recently received notice of employment termination - I was still in the probationary period of 6 months of a permanent job. I've worked just over 5 months and I am being paid 1 months notice. I've taken out PPI at the start of this employment assuming I would be working at least 6 months. In the terms and conditions of the PPI it states you need to have worked for 6 months for a claim for unemployment benefit to be valid. On the actual claim form which has to be filled in by the employer some of the questions are the following: - The employee was employed between which dates (b
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