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  1. Hi guys The date of the alleged offence was 26th October 2012 I sent an informal appeal on 4th November 2012 Council received my letter on 7th November 2012 I receive the attached letter dated 20th Demver 2012 My informal appeal has been rejected and I received a NTO on 9th January 2012- Do I have any grounds to make a formal appeal based on the council not replying within a certain amount of time Thx
  2. Hi guys. I received this attached NTO early Nov 2011. I didnt receive a PCN at all so Redbridge council want the full amount I was parked for a few mins on a single yellow line and popped to the shop to find the Ceo looking at my car. The Ceo had just started to enter my car details He wasnt able to take any pictures of where my car was positioned or my tax disc details Can anyone advise on what I can do to relieve the situation Justin
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