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  1. Hi, I will CCA Opus this weekend and let you know the outcome many thanks for the help. Mick
  2. Hi just checked my CRA and everything for Opus is AA or OK? Mick
  3. Hi, I will sort out the CRA file after work today and let you know either tonight or tomorrow. I seem to be a bit of a catch 22 situation as they wont allow me to setup my new payment plan without the creditor details and I'm a bit worried they will sell the debt on or people will come knocking, but its them blocking my attempts to pay them. I certainly wont tell them anything now and I appreciate the advice. Thanks Mick
  4. Hi, The history is I was originally with citicards and was on an payment arrangement, they then swapped me over to Opus and put my interest up really high. I wrote and complained a few times and they denied I was on the payment plan with Citicard then they agreed I had been but only for 6 months this has dragged on over a year and from paying £142.00 per month I have been paying something like £30 off the balance during it each month. I have complained and not had a full answer about the payment plan dates as i queried that the 6 months was over the transfer time to Opus which they deny although they cant tell me when the 6 months ran from and to? I have asked to go back on a payment plan but they demanded an expenditure form be completed which i have done over the phone now they say they want the balances on my other debts as well or they will not setup the payment plan. I have offered them £70.00 per month on a balance of about £2900 They have warned me I am incurring more late payments fees etc but I didn t think I had to tell them what my other creditors balances are, they have said as a good credit card company they want to know.... .should I just tell them. .and what do I do about the complaint they havent answered? Regards Mick
  5. Thanks I will do all that you have advised, many thanks for the reply Mick
  6. Hi, I thought I would give you some feedback on a 'newbie' perspective of the website. Firstly there is confusing information on the welcome post, the youtube video says explain your problem etc whilst the welcome screen says dont, so you end up saying hi then being asked to tell a bit more...two posts instead of one. Then your thread is moved and unless I am incredibly thick, its really hard to navigate and find it, my thread was moved and although its been seen by around 300 people not a single word of advice...I only asked if you have to fill in expenditure forms? The concept is great bit its really easy to be overwhelmed as a newbie and lost in the multitide of information. Thanks Mick
  7. Thanks, I had a credit card with Citi and it was transferred to Opus whilst on a payment agreement with their collections department, when it transferred they removed the smaller payment and ramped up my interest to about 39% and a payment of approx £145.00 per months was reducing the total by about £20.00 per month. I complained in writing about this but they didn't answer the complaint in writing just on the phone and said I was only on that agreement for 6 months (this was the 6 months when it transferred). I have asked to go back on the collections payment and offered £70.00 per month and filled in an expenditure form with them on the phone but refused to tell them how much I owe my other creditors, monthly payment details I gave but not balances. They have threatened me that if I don't supply the balances they will not put a payment procedure in place and I am building up all kinds of late fees and interest, do I have to supply them that information? I thought it was something a court had to ask for,but I'm probably wrong, anyway how would you suggest I proceed. Many thanks Mick
  8. Hi All, I am new user who is currently experiencing problems with Opus Credit Card (transferred from Citi Card) if you could push me in the right direction of where to post, I would be grateful. Also a big hello to anyone and everyone, great resource you have here by the way. Thanks Mick
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