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  1. Hi air , Yes that is how it should be , that said COMET are selling goods advertised with a 1 year Manufacturers Warranty . This is laid out in their Terms and Conditions since Adminstration http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?371488-COMET-QUESTIONS-and-ANSWERS-4-11-2012-(By-COMET-!)-****-BEWARE**** Unless it is a UMC Tv to name one Product it would seem .
  2. Hi not , Yes saw the link all rather confusing . The Engineer will fit whatever parts are required to get the machine working again , which is what he has done . I still do not think it is correct that you are so much out of pocket with a 14 Month old appliance " Fit for Purpose" "Reasonable lengh of Time" what an expensive joke I dont even know where SOGA could fit into this one now .
  3. Well that would appear to be the case regarding this faulty 7 day old UMC television Surely this instance breaks every consumer law ever written never mind SOGA
  4. Yes john exactly how it is and will be for many looking to grab a bargain which will not turn out as such . COMET bought many products from manufacturers at a cheaper price as a "sold as seen deal" they then had to carry out any repairs ect at their own expense . That is why these Manufacturers will now say tough luck not our problem when these products break down .
  5. Hi not , Am I reading this correctly the Product is 14 Months old and has failed it has a 5 Year Parts Guarantee . You have contacted INDESIT (as COMET the Seller is basically dead ) who have now sold you an additional 1 year Warranty @ £14.99 per Month which works out at £179.88 . Or is the 5 Parts Guarantee now included with this additional £14.99 per Month you have now signed up to . If that is the case after 1 year you would only have a Labour charge to pay if the product fails within the next 5 years ? They are now going to attempt a repair if they cannot they will replace the Propduct .
  6. Normally the fakes turn up on ebay Now at a COMET near you . Real and Fake Guide , http://reviews.ebay.com/FAKE-vs-Genuine-Monster-Turbine-Headphones?ugid=10000000021535680
  7. Sorry herp that was not the reason , the reason was they were totally INEPT a long time before that regarding Customer Service repairs and how they dealt with them .
  8. It would seem if you buy any goods now in the COMET Fire Sale , No Products or Monies will be refunded in the event of a DOA when you get the goods home. If you have any problems CONTACT the Manufacturer ! (Not much changed there then )
  9. I have a Comet Gift Card, is this still valid? The Administrators are currently considering the position in relation to gift cards and gift vouchers and at this stage they cannot be used to pay for items. The Administrators are reviewing this position urgently. As a result no further gift cards or gift vouchers will be issued to customers. I have fully paid/ part paid for Goods which have not been delivered as yet. Will I still receive my Goods? Provided your order has been paid for in full and the item is currently in stock at one of the distribution centres or is already in process of being delivered by the Home Delivery Platforms, it is intended that existing orders/deliveries will be delivered and installed as normal. Where the item for an existing order is not currently in stock, this delivery cannot now be made. New orders or payments for home delivery are not being accepted at this time. I bought an item on line to collect in store, will I still receive it? Provided your order has been paid for in full and the item is currently in stock at one of the distribution centres or is already in process of being delivered by the Home Delivery Platforms, it is intended that existing orders/deliveries will be delivered and installed as normal. Where the item for an existing order is not currently in stock, this delivery cannot now be made. New orders or payments for home delivery are not being accepted at this time. I ordered goods but did not pay any deposit, will they still be delivered? Any goods ordered but not paid for prior to Administration will not be delivered. Therefore, you should visit your local store and make arrangements to buy the item from the store. My TV/laptop have been sent to Comet for repair, will they still be repaired and returned? The repair operations are continuing and we will seek to complete the repair and return the item. I bought an extended warranty with my goods a few weeks ago, will this still be honoured? ExtraCare Service Plans and Extended Warranties are provided by a third party (The Warranty Group) and is unaffected by the Administration of Comet Group Limited. In the event that Comet is unable to continue repairs The Warranty Group will appoint a new repair agent to ensure continuity of repair service for ExtraCare and Extended Warranty customers. An item I bought from Comet has become faulty, who do I contact? You should contact the Comet Customer Support Centre on 0844 800 95 95 and select option 3 and follow the voice prompts which will direct you to the relevant repair agent. I've had an item delivered that was "dead on arrival"? You will need to contact the manufacturer direct to arrange an inspection and/or exchange. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any refunds. I bought an item two weeks ago and now dont want it, can I return it for a refund? We are not able to provide any refunds. I've had goods delivered and they are damaged. What do I do? We are not able to provide a refund of this product as the payment was made to Comet Group Limited prior to it entering Administration. I bought goods on a credit agreement, is this still valid? Yes, credit agreements are unaffected. Can I cancel my credit agreement and return the goods to Comet? Unfortunately you will not able to return the goods to Comet. Credit arrangements are managed by Santander who can be contacted via the Comet Customer Support Centre on 0844 800 95 95, option 4. I need a spare part for my item (e.g. vacuum cleaner), where can I obtain it from? We stock some essential accessories like vacuum bags and filters in store. However if you require a spare part then please contact RepairCare on 0844 5577888. If I buy a product from you now, will you still deliver it and install it for me? Providers of a delivery service are available at the store, but we are no longer able to offer an installation services. If I buy a new Cooker/Fridge, will you collect my old one? At this time we are not taking new orders for doing deliveries, installations and collections so alternative arrangements should be made. If I buy an Ex Display item from your store, will it have a warranty with it? All products will be sold with a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty should be registered once the item is purchased. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase in case the manufacturer needs to inspect it. If I buy an item from you, and it becomes faulty, who will I be able to speak to about it if you close down? All products will be sold with a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty should be registered once the item is purchased. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase in case the manufacturer needs to inspect it. Comet Group Ltd In Administration
  10. Harlow is still a distribution Centre (At the Moment ) but as far as I am aware the Main Service HUB is located at Skelmsdale (At the Moment) which is also a distribution Centre . The Harlow Service Hub was a disaster by all accounts, and yes it was not long built and was located inside the distribution Centre . Just to add I dont think we will be hearing from Matt the COMET rep anytime soon but who knows . I also notice the COMET Web Site is down the end is Nigh I am afraid . All and all a once proud and Famous Family run business with its origins in HULL nearly extinct due to total Mis-Management at Senior level for many years . No it has nothing to do with Amazon and the likes it has to do with total Mis-Management. The writing has been on the wall for a few years with customers still being strung along up until the bitter end .
  11. Harlow vanished Months ago dx its only Skelm that is left , which will be vanishing soon as well !
  12. Hi Herp , Waste of time regarding the Retail Store , Has your Tv been repaired but not the damaged Cabinet ? If yes contact the Directors Office Again with regards to the damage at the very least they should offer some sort of payment for the damage THEY caused . You must keep going until you are completely satisfied .
  13. Yes indeed , that is old news now nearly a year ago , they are still plodding along all the same at the moment but for how long for is the question . dm , What is the Make and Model of the Coffee Machine ? Was this an "extra care plan" that you purchased or something similar ?
  14. Hi dm , Have you emailed the Directors Office with regards to your ongoing issues ? bob.darke@comet.co.uk Also it is worth putting your complaints regarding this non existant Customer Service in writing and Send registered post address can be found on the COMET threads . Was the 5 year warranty supplied by the Manufacturer of the machine or was this an extra which you Purchased from COMET over and above the initial cost of the machine ?
  15. Hi dm , Best starting a new thread with regards to your ongoing problems hopefully someone can advise . There have been many many changes at COMET since this original thread although the title still applies .
  16. Hi herp , All this mish mash is about the norm now COMET Service or whats left of it are working on an absolute shoestring these days with no one knowing whats going on this is of no consolation to your issues but you are certainly not alone in suffering this terrible service . A lot of work is now outsourced to Third Parties , I think they have one Service Hub that serves the whole of the UK which is understaffed and underskilled that is where your set has probably ended up unfortunately it has now to make a return journey from the Hub back to your livingroom in a similar metal box . I hope your next update is good news we await with interest . Good Luck ,
  17. Hi Bazooka , Yes indeed if only it was that simple it certainly is not as straight forward as you make it sound regarding the 6 Year Plan there is a big diffrence between a product with an inherent manufacturing fault and a product breaking down by natural causes and wear and tear. The onus is on the customer to prove an inherent or manufacturing fault with a faulty product after 6 months is it not ? this is the difficult part . COMET these days are refusing to replace a product that fails within 14 Days and less as some Consumers are reporting here in various threads never mind a product that fails after 18 months or so . Yes SOGA is meant to be the weapon of choice in the Consumers favour but until it is revamped completely COMET and other Retailers will continue to to string everyone along regarding faulty goods . There are nearly 400 Threads regarding COMET here on CAG have a look to see how many have been resolved under SOGA . This obviously does not even count the hundreds of others who have simlar issues with other Retailers who have posted on CAG . On a final note regarding contacting the Retail Store Manager or area Manager waste of time go straight to the top as dx mentioned bob.darke@comet.co.uk This is the Directors Office and as we have seen many times the the standard response email is not very encouraging . Court action is available as we know if you are prepared to wait some 9 months or so with a faulty product still in your kitchen or living room . The Threads posted here on CAG would back this up as such the majority are still unresolved and in many cases the customer has given up and purchased elsewhere never again to return to a COMET store . Having a COMET rep on CAG now can only be a good thing I hope Matt can help solve many issues without the normal Brick Wall tactics that are normally used , we will wait and see .
  18. I thought I was seeing things for a moment COMET responding to a Thread on CAG ! Yes indeed Veriification required ims , I hope Matt is , should be kept quite busy with a lot of catching up to do .
  19. Hi Peter , Thanks for the Update , another Thread to be marked **** RESOLVED **** even though COMET played NO part in it whatsoever .
  20. Hi Site Team , Could we have this Thread Marked **** RESOLVED **** please , it may help others with similar issues . Thanks ,
  21. Hi daj , Great result , thanks for the Update , But shocking this has taken 10 weeks to resolve . Finally a Thread to be Marked " RESOLVED " at last
  22. Hi Red , http://press.comet.co.uk/management-team
  23. Hi Red , Goods - what the law says When you buy new goods from a shop or a market stall, the law (principally the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)) says they must:  match their description. This means they must be as described by the seller. This includes any description on the packaging . In most circumstances, it also means that they must conform to any advertising claims made about them; and  be of satisfactory quality. This means the goods must be fit for their purpose and meet the standards that any reasonable person would expect. This includes the appearance and finish of the goods, their safety and durability and whether they are free from defects, including minor faults. There are two issues here 1 Goods not as described and 2 Goods appear to be faulty . Probably best contacting the Directors Office by Email regarding both issues and see what their response is bob.darke@comet.co.uk It is also worth putting your complaint is writing and send it Registered post to the Directors Office Address can be found on the COMET threads . That at least will set the wheels in motion . Whatever happens next we will see but I cant see COMET just replacing this FF for the cost of an expensive phone call to them at this moment . It may be a long hard slog unfortunately even though SOGA is on your side I would suggest . Perhaps the Site Team Guys can suggest other avenues here .
  24. Hi wont , The question was to Red the OP, that said I think the COMET engineer needs to go back to school regarding how a FF works there is plenty movement going on inside a FF 24 hours a day . This is the Freezer part Facts , A freezer works by drawing the heat out of the freezer compartment. To start the process, the refrigerant--in gas form--goes into the compressor where the compression process causes it to get very hot. The hot gas moves through more coils and starts to cool off. This causes the gas to turn into a liquid. Gas is forced into an expansion valve while in the liquid form. This valve has a very small opening which--when the refrigerant is forced through it--turns into a very cold mist. As the mist goes through the coils under the freezer compartment, it starts to evaporate and turn back into a gas. The temperature of the mist is around -27 degrees at this point, and it takes the heat from the freezer compartment with it. The refrigerant starts to warm up again as it draws out the heat, and it is sent back to the compressor to start the process over again. Each time the refrigerant goes through it cycle, it takes more heat from the freezer compartment until there is none left. This is what leaves you with frozen food. Thermostats and Refrigerants The thermostat detects the temperature inside the freezer compartment and tells the compressor when to come on. This is why you will sometimes hear the freezer cycle on and off. This is also one of the most common repairs needed on a freezer. If the thermostat doesn't work, the freezer will either keep running or not come on at all.
  25. GorgieBoy

    5 month old tv

    Hi Jody , We really need to hear more regarding this "water damage" initial report from COMET . Did the Tv get examined in your Fathers house by an Engineer ? or did they just pick it up for repair ? If the latter who is not to say the water damage was caused while under COMETS care during transportation and storage to wherever it has now ended up . COMET have used the Term " Water Damage " as the nature of the fault and not Liquid ingress which in my mind is two different things . I hope they give you a detailed report regarding todays phone call, I would certainly ask the question of them stating there was no water damage when the Tv left the property if your Tv was not examined in the first instance this is a point in your favour . Until we hear more back regarding the report it is all supposition at the moment . Many modern LCD and LED Televisions now have an important pcb that drives the screen that is located at the bottom of the Tv this unfortunately seems to attract many forms of liquid ingress such as screen cleaning spay which seeps in at the bottom of the screen between the cabinet if the ingress is severe the screen itself can be damaged eventually . Finally did you receive a "Product Condition Report " from the people that uplifted your Tv if there is no mention of water damage this could also be in your favour. Hopefully you can update us ASAP with regards to this issue but the way it may turn out I still cannot see it being resolved with regards to SOGA . We await with interest . Good Luck ,
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