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  1. Hi air , Yes that is how it should be , that said COMET are selling goods advertised with a 1 year Manufacturers Warranty . This is laid out in their Terms and Conditions since Adminstration http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?371488-COMET-QUESTIONS-and-ANSWERS-4-11-2012-(By-COMET-!)-****-BEWARE**** Unless it is a UMC Tv to name one Product it would seem .
  2. Hi not , Yes saw the link all rather confusing . The Engineer will fit whatever parts are required to get the machine working again , which is what he has done . I still do not think it is correct that you are so much out of pocket with a 14 Month old appliance " Fit for Purpose" "Reasonable lengh of Time" what an expensive joke I dont even know where SOGA could fit into this one now .
  3. Well that would appear to be the case regarding this faulty 7 day old UMC television Surely this instance breaks every consumer law ever written never mind SOGA
  4. Yes john exactly how it is and will be for many looking to grab a bargain which will not turn out as such . COMET bought many products from manufacturers at a cheaper price as a "sold as seen deal" they then had to carry out any repairs ect at their own expense . That is why these Manufacturers will now say tough luck not our problem when these products break down .
  5. Hi not , Am I reading this correctly the Product is 14 Months old and has failed it has a 5 Year Parts Guarantee . You have contacted INDESIT (as COMET the Seller is basically dead ) who have now sold you an additional 1 year Warranty @ £14.99 per Month which works out at £179.88 . Or is the 5 Parts Guarantee now included with this additional £14.99 per Month you have now signed up to . If that is the case after 1 year you would only have a Labour charge to pay if the product fails within the next 5 years ? They are now going to attempt a repair if they cannot they
  6. Normally the fakes turn up on ebay Now at a COMET near you . Real and Fake Guide , http://reviews.ebay.com/FAKE-vs-Genuine-Monster-Turbine-Headphones?ugid=10000000021535680
  7. Sorry herp that was not the reason , the reason was they were totally INEPT a long time before that regarding Customer Service repairs and how they dealt with them .
  8. It would seem if you buy any goods now in the COMET Fire Sale , No Products or Monies will be refunded in the event of a DOA when you get the goods home. If you have any problems CONTACT the Manufacturer ! (Not much changed there then )
  9. I have a Comet Gift Card, is this still valid? The Administrators are currently considering the position in relation to gift cards and gift vouchers and at this stage they cannot be used to pay for items. The Administrators are reviewing this position urgently. As a result no further gift cards or gift vouchers will be issued to customers. I have fully paid/ part paid for Goods which have not been delivered as yet. Will I still receive my Goods? Provided your order has been paid for in full and the item is currently in stock at one of the distribution centres or is already in process of
  10. Harlow is still a distribution Centre (At the Moment ) but as far as I am aware the Main Service HUB is located at Skelmsdale (At the Moment) which is also a distribution Centre . The Harlow Service Hub was a disaster by all accounts, and yes it was not long built and was located inside the distribution Centre . Just to add I dont think we will be hearing from Matt the COMET rep anytime soon but who knows . I also notice the COMET Web Site is down the end is Nigh I am afraid . All and all a once proud and Famous Family run business with its origins in HULL nearly extinct
  11. Harlow vanished Months ago dx its only Skelm that is left , which will be vanishing soon as well !
  12. Hi Herp , Waste of time regarding the Retail Store , Has your Tv been repaired but not the damaged Cabinet ? If yes contact the Directors Office Again with regards to the damage at the very least they should offer some sort of payment for the damage THEY caused . You must keep going until you are completely satisfied .
  13. Yes indeed , that is old news now nearly a year ago , they are still plodding along all the same at the moment but for how long for is the question . dm , What is the Make and Model of the Coffee Machine ? Was this an "extra care plan" that you purchased or something similar ?
  14. Hi dm , Have you emailed the Directors Office with regards to your ongoing issues ? [email protected] Also it is worth putting your complaints regarding this non existant Customer Service in writing and Send registered post address can be found on the COMET threads . Was the 5 year warranty supplied by the Manufacturer of the machine or was this an extra which you Purchased from COMET over and above the initial cost of the machine ?
  15. Hi dm , Best starting a new thread with regards to your ongoing problems hopefully someone can advise . There have been many many changes at COMET since this original thread although the title still applies .
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