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  1. thanks i do have a lot of charges on my sainsburys loan i thgink i claimed late charges back but not phone calls also they charged extra intrest are they allowed to do this,what would you recomend i do ask for cca what do i need to look for in these can you still reclaim bank charges where do i stand with overdraft,catolouges please
  2. hi after getting made reduntant in 2008,i had loads of bills which were covered by ppi which i used however these stopped paying out after a year so i was left with debts only on 60pound a week,so i contacted cccs i was adviced to pay only token payments of a pound the trouble is ive done that for a year and have had loads of defaukt notices for underpaying i got a job at beginning of this year only working part time so phoned cccs again and they advised to do same thing but these debts are just going up and up with defauts some have even doubled i do not have any assets live with parents here os a list of what i owe halifax overdraft 2,200 this is made up of bank charges halifax credit card 2,000 littlewoods catologue 1,800 doubled with intrest when i opened this they have my surname wrong and i asked them to change it but they never did now with ndr capital one 799 aqua 600 now with clarity premiur man 300 now with 1st credit belmont thorton 200 studio 24 300 now with westcox sainsburys bank loan 1.700 id be gratefull for any advice anyone may have i can not afford to pay anymore than token payments is there anything else i can do
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