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  1. Thanks for all the replies, An update after the investigation meeting. I attended the investigation meeting, the boss`s wife was the impartial member who was asking the questions and his mum the witness and note taker. The boss did not attend. This was just an informal chat to ask my side of the story. I explained the silly situation asked how we could amend the problem and made apologies. I explained how busy we were on the job, re-explained the mistake as I have explained earlier in the posts. The boss`s wife then just said ok we will be in touch. Now 4 days later I am requested
  2. I am going to a investigation meeting tomorrow and have been told i can take some one , but i`m not part of a union and the other employee ,was on the same job but in a diffferent part of the building and i have been told not to talk to him. the boss will lead the investigation, with his wife a chair person and his mum as note taker and witness, and there is no one else in the company left for me to take. I will just have to tell the truth and wait and see.
  3. I knew i was returning to the business in a few day to complete the job + I only work 3 days a week.
  4. ps. I don`t even know if the phone call to my boss about the theft at this business was about the badges or something else entirely, no one will say.
  5. I have been suspended from work on full pay while investigation is taken place. the company i work for was contracted to carry out a job on a business building. whilst working there I picked up 3 textile badges with the intention of asking the manager if i could buy them for my kids. As the manager was attending to other business within the property I put them in my pocket so i could ask him when he cam back to see me. It was then we had problems with the job we were doing. it all got a bit hecktic and i forgot all about the badges. The next time i remebered about them was when i got home from
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