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  1. Just seen on HMRC site that it's IMPERATIVE that the document EX140 should only be used at court and not sent out to debtors. Should I write back explaining this and send in my own income and expenditure document?
  2. Thanks all. I wrote to them making an offer of £20 per month and on the same day I made a direct payment of £20 to them via BACS and set up a standing order. They've since written back saying my offer is not accepted but is being considered and I have a form to fill in which is an EX140 which is asking for what assets I have, how much money I have etc. Its very hard for me to fill in as I do a bit of casual work on minimum wage but I'm also a self-employed actor and if you are lucky enough to get a paying job, it's usually offset by having to pay for all the auditions you've had to travel to t
  3. Just one more question if you don't mind! Is it worth me making a payment with the letter so that it's obvious that I am willing to pay, just not able to make higher repayments? Sorry to be a pain!
  4. Thank you! I'll do what you suggested and see what they say!
  5. Thats put my mind at rest a lot. Thank you so much Brigadier2JCS.
  6. Thanks for getting back to me. Our house is in my husbands name. Our car is in my name but that's just because it was cheaper to insure it on my name but I'm sure we could change it to be in his name? Judgement just says 'pay forthwith' but the letter from my employers legal dept states "failure to make payment in full or alternatively make an offer to pay on on before Friday 28th March will result in further legal enforcement action being taken.." What will happen if they reject my offer?
  7. Hi there, thought I had posted this but it appears to have disappeared? Anyway, hope you can help. In March 2010, my employer advised me that for the second time in my employment with them, they had made a mistake and overpaid me for 2 years. (I had repaid the first overpayment which happened when I returned from maternity leave and changed my hours). This time, the overpayment was around £4K. I had adjusted my working hours for childcare reasons and had only dropped a couple of hours so didn't expect to see much of a change in salary. Further to that, I had received a pay rise so didn't notic
  8. Hi all, bit of an update. Been complaining via my local councillor who has been very promptly forwarding my e-mails to the relevant department at the council. To be fair, by going though him, I've had replies much faster than going it alone so would recommend this course of action to others! Got to stage 1 and they basically just said they had a right to collect it, I owed it and that was that. I replied saying that I was confident I had paid it, they had made errors in the past in applying council tax payments to my account etc and that it was wrong that I didn't have a chance to defend my
  9. This is so helpful guys. Thank you so much! Got another letter from bailiffs despite the account being subject to a formal complaint at Stage 1. Wrote back to my councillor who bounced it straight to the council and got a reply - not apologising, of course - but confirming they will keep the bailiffs at bay and it's being escalated to Stage 2 as we speak. Also contacted magistrates courts to ask if they have copies of these LO's issued back in the early 90's and the guy at court just laughed and even he was staggered when I told him why I was asking. The pieces about Gaults are very intere
  10. Just to keep you posted, I telephoned the magistrates office and asked if they had copies of liability orders issued 22 years ago. he just laughed and said No! In this case, the council cannot prove that they obtained a liability order against me - can they??
  11. Also going to ring magistrates court tomorrow to see if they keep records of liability order being issued - because if they don't; there's no proof that the order was ever issued??? Thanks all for your help - it's much appreciated!
  12. Thanks guys, there's some really useful info in there which I can put in my response. I think at least, if I can gather a load of evidence to prove their mismanagement, I can maybe refer to the local government ombudsman once I've exhausted their complaints procedure - which, incidentally, they've given me no information about at all!
  13. Ok all, I got a reply from the council which I've copied here. I've left off the detailed statement (which isn't that detailed to be honest!) Here's what they say: I can advise you that I am unable to provide you with copies of all correspondence previously issued to you. This is due as we do not keep copies of any documents issued to charge-payers and are not obliged to. However, I can provide you with a list off all correspondence previously issued to you at that time. All correspondence was issued to you at your last known address. Also included a detailed statement of your outstandin
  14. Thanks Fair-parking! I have asked them for copies of all correspondence (which I know they can't send me as the man on the phone told me as much!) including all the addresses they were sent to and dates. They said I kept moving house but I don't think 4 times in 22 years are the actions of someone on the run!!
  15. It's Liverpool Council and they say they did obtain a Liability Order within the timescales and they also said they were going to apply for an attachment of earnings order in around 1998 but they say they never took the money because they didn't have the resources! I got a letter from Newlands Bailiffs and so rang the council and said this is the first I've heard of it! They then told me they did write to me eight years ago but have heard nothing back! Honestly, if it wasn't so awful, I would laugh! They've told me to write in using their complaints procedure - which I am just about to do. W
  16. Hi All, Just a quickie, but have been informed today that my local council want an amount of money from me relating to Community Charge 22 years ago. I know that council tax is not statute barred but does the same apply to community charge? Thanks! Jackie:|
  17. Hi Rebel, Can't thank you enough for your help. I phoned a guy at the council who was actually really lovely. He told me that the council had recieved the PCN sent back to them in the post by a member of the public who had found it in a road. He listened very patiently while I explained I hadn't had letters other than the NtO and the note through the door today and I explained I had written after the NtO but they hadn't received that and straight away spoke to his manager who agreed to put the bailiffs on hold for 30 days from the moment of my phone call. He then gave me the number
  18. Hi All, I'm now really scared and wonder if you can help? I've had a letter from marstons through the door today saying removal notice and demanding £376.84? It relates to a council fine in June for parking in a residents bay. I've looked for the bailiffs name on the register and I can't find him - does this give me any scope to reduce the payment - or pay it in installments? I'm a married mum of 2 and in full time education. i don't know when they will be back or what to do and I am so scared. Please help!
  19. Thanks for the quick reply! Who should I write to? Should I write to Rossendales, Arrow or HBOS?
  20. Dear All, Thanks for all your help! I followed your advice and they've written me a letter saying that on this occasion they are cancelling the notice - hooray!! Just some advice for others as well, theres another forum site called PePiPoo (nope, I don't know what it stands for!) but it does seem that these PCN's are rife with errors so definately worth challenging! I will, however, NOT be going in a bus lane again! Thanks again all!
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