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  1. I meant it was rejected, sorry for the confusion
  2. Ahh, yes i did add this into my original complaint back in June and it was upheld. No worries though i will just have to pay and live with the bad credit for a little longer. To me it is strange though as hypothetically if i never pay them they could report the loan as "late payment" till the day i die, what just does not sound right at all. I trust you word though as you are a very experienced poster. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. If anyone else has any magical ideas please do let me know. Thanks all
  3. Thanks again, Can you clarify what the "IR" route is. Many thanks
  4. Thanks so much for your reply- I may have misunderstood the process then. From the ICO website it says- Generally by the time the account is 3 months in arrears, the lender may be taking further action such as reporting the account as defaulted (see Principle 4 below). Missed payments may continue to rise and be reported up to a maximum of 6. On some products this may continue to show as 6 until the lender takes action and reports the account as being in default. The exceptions are- There are exceptions to this which may result in a default being recor
  5. Hi a bit of advice needed I had a payday loan with Next Credit. This loan was taken out in early 2013. Unfortunately due to serious debt issues I was unable to pay. Moving forward to 2016, I checked my credit file and Next credit had been reporting the loan as “late payment” for 3 years, no default. I made a complaint with them regarding this and they sent a final response in June 2016 saying “your credit file is a true reflection of the status of the loan”. I was going to raise this with the ombudsman but to be honest I forgot. I want to get this s
  6. cheers guys, just called the court and it is,- if they receive a defence on the due date i.e the 14/28 days mark , they put a bar on the claim to stop you requesting judgement by default. nothing more. thanks again though.
  7. Hi guys just a quick question for anyone who kbnows, I am taking my employer to county court and they have submitted there defence and on the moneyclaim website it say- "A bar was put in place for ( company name) Limited on 04/08/2014" Does anyone know what this means? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi as well part of my claim is for a unspecified amount, due to the new court charges I am unsure what to pay, I am initially claiming up to £3000 but there is a possibility it can go over that so what fee should I pay and will the court refund you part of the fee is you pay a higher amount and claim end up being less
  9. Good morning, I am currently in the process of taking my company to court for a breach of contract claim and I am having a real hard time finding a guide on the internet as to how the court works. I just have a few questions if anyone is able to help it would be appreciated. 1- how does a county court work, what I mean is first I submit the particulars of claim, at this point do I have to attach all and any supporting paperwork? There are literally about 200 pages of supporting docs. Can I just bring that on the day or do they want that attached? If yes will my claim get struck out if I
  10. probably not, but better to be safe then sorry. don't use the switching service do it your self.
  11. apparently according to various news reports, 15 lenders heave left the payday market ahead of the oft/fsa deadline to sort out there business practices. Does anyone know what ones have closed up shop?
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