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  1. Just off the phone with hydro electric, shouted at them that even though they had an email address and contact telephone number they had never tried to get in touch with me by any other means than post. Which I didn't think was right under such serious cirumstances. They told me they had made a mistake. They took a meter reading on the 16th October and have apparently been over chargng me and that I should expect a cheque for £561.74 in the post. Was bloody worried for a while though, put me through hell. Dave,
  2. I was afraid of something like that. How would you suggest I go about getting my money back from my so called friends including myself and the current number in the flat it's going to be about £40 each
  3. I used to live with 5 friends in a rented flat. Eventualy the mess got to me so I moved out and got my own place. When we first moved in we decided someone would deal with a certain bill each so I put my name on the electric bill, someone else put there's on the broadband bill and I also dealt with tv licensing. No one dealt with the gas bill and every time we got a threatining letter from the supplier I'd get everyone together to go down to a pay point and pay it. Eventualy when our boiler broke I put my name on that account as well in order to get it fixed. The month I was moving out a
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