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  1. Hi HB... Well its all a bit of a worry tbh! i have never taken out pet insurance, dont no the company and not signed anything! lucky for me i dont use this account for much just a few deposits here and there but all the same! The company said they have had this problem with people setting up insurance online using other peoples bank account details, i asked them if the name on the policy was mine and she said no! So i am wondering if its ID theft? I am in the process of checking my credit history now ...what a pain in the $^$£^$£^
  2. I keep getting pet insurance set up in one of my business accounts for anything up to £100 a month. I have not set these up and the bank have to keep refunding me, i finally got hold of the company today to be told this is an on going issue and not just to me! anything i can do apart from close my account>?
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