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  1. what i am asking is there anyway out of a 5year deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hi main threads were EMPLOYMENT PROBLEMS dated 20/11/2010 and 22/10/2010 UNDER jsgraver hope that helps
  3. hi the reason i was vague was because i represented a fellow employee against this team and i am prohibited from commenting if you get what i mean i am not impressed with them at all without mentioning names ps*
  4. hi everyone i have started a new job and guess what..... we have a 5 year deal with an advisory team!!!!! about £10,000 no need to guess who but if you read my previous threads ... in short any way out, as this must be the biggest waste of money EVER
  5. just to let you know that we now do not have a tribunal hearing cant say anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to all who took the time and trouble to offer advice (not always what i wanted to hear i may add) unfortunately i will never know the reason why so i cannot offer any advice that said if any one wishes to pm me i can maybe point out what appears to be the significant pointers in the fight against UNFAIR employers once again many thanks for help
  6. i agree with sidewinder very knowledgable this is not a law court the rules are very different and the dice are loaded in the employers favour if you want a good example of injustice read the surreyguy thread and this will show you what i mean
  7. hi gutted for you but you are right in thinking it is their loss who would want to work for an employer who needs to resort to such tactics to get rid of someone worse still the "JUSTICE" system allows them to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am grateful that you updated this thread as i am now facing the prospect of the same outcome UNLESS i can prove procedural floors we did not get an appeal hearing do you think that is relevant? any advice would be much appreciated GOOD LUCK! SOMETIMES WHEN YOU WIN YOU LOSE BUT SOMETIMES WHEN YOU LOSE YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. sounds to me like a bit of a set up unfortunately the dice are loaded in the employers favour however they must carry out a thorough investigation taking into account every aspect of events there are a few cases on this worth reading i am no legal eagle but i see certain similarities between this case and the one that i am going to tribunal hearing shortly it seems personal and the reason for sacking may not be the real reason i will let you know how we got on and any tips or help ps in our case covert cameras were used!!!!!!!
  9. your health is worth more than the job believe me been there spend as much time as you can looking for another job sounds to me like you are a person most employers would love to employ job situation is not good but if you look hard you will find something even if its not what you want to do if you go sick use your time to look for something else but going sick is not the long term solution because you will be going back to the same old situation good luck
  10. i am at the tribunal in 2weeks time as an employee representative with broadly the same issue(except that the theft was NOT admitted) will advise you of outcome then you must take someone with you I agreewith papasmurf1cx and hope it blows over and is seen as a minor breach and not gross misconduct
  11. have you issued a principal statement of terms and conditions of service and an employee handbook ? has he read it and signed it ? does he have a copy of both? does it specifically state that misuse of internet in company time is gross misconduct ? go on to ACAS website and download code of practice ring them if you wish to take it further
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