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  1. Today I went to court to defend a Accelerated Possession claim from my Landlord (LL). The Section 21 Notice was, the LL claims posted under my door, even though that is impossible due to size of gap. the Judge believed LL not me, even though the LL could not remember what was in the envelope. Judge called in a witness who swore on oath that he (a friend of LL) saw the Section 8 & Section 21 go into the envelope and then under the door, the witness was not asked to prove who he was in the courtroom, no ID, he just walked in swore on oath said his piece and sat down, he could have been anyone, no one checked! My deposit was paid May 2005 and renewed June 2008 with the original deposit, the LL applied to protect the deposit in January 2010 some 18 months late, The original Certificate was never seen or signed by myself. It has false information on and I had a letter from mydeposits.co.uk who confirmed the protection was invaid as it was applied for outside of the fixed term of 6 months of the AST. . The Judge gave the LL possession and made the decision based on those incorrect false information. The Judge was told 2 or 3 times the information was incorrect and the papers to prove my defence were in front of the Judge. My solicitor informed the Judge the information was incorrect therefore invalid the Judge said that she accepted that the information was incorrect but the LL had made some provision to try to protect the deposit, (even though it was invalid and false) The Judge gave LL the possession order!!! I have no faith in the UK Judicial System it is a con, I had so much evidence in my defence with regard the TDS but the Judge followed the lies and false incorrect information ot determine the Order! I have asked the Court for a transcript of the hearing. I have made a complaint about the Judge at engine search judicial complaints UK I have written to my MP (an ex lawyer) I am aware they all stick together and who is going t take on a Judge for a complaint???? Can I afford to take this to Appeal? Of course not , they know poor people wont get legal aid so they treat them like this! (Im on JSA) Judges are not exempt they are not higher than teh law they do not create teh law they make decisions based on fact and truth..unless your the Judge I had! The Court should be a place of truth and justice!
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