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  1. Sadly, I didn't do that, no. I informed the letting agent by post-it-note in the envelope with my last rent cheque. Silly, I agree.
  2. So, in the round, it would be fair to say that I'm not in the weakest of positions then? I'll do all I can to find the relevant info, although much of it is long gone given that I did not expect I'd ever need it again. My track record in looking after vital info is not particularly good, I'm embarrassed to admit. Unfortunately, bank details won't wash as I kept my home branch as the nearest bank to where I lived before I moved to Aberdeen as a 17-year old back in 2001, which is still the house my mum and dad own (based in a town within the same local authority as Dumfries). In fact
  3. I will take steps to contact them if any more letters relating to this are received by my mum and dad - the latest batch have been returned and I haven't seen them. Before I moved in, my flatmate said he had informed the council of our status as students. Unfortunately, I can't verify that he did. The council were not informed of my leaving as my flatmate continued to stay there for two years after I left. I've checked the electoral roll for the house in Dumfries which my girlfriend and I lived in during this period and I am on it for 2006-07. She did not claim a single person
  4. Thanks, I really appreciate your help. I'm definitely not going to contact them before they find me. That would simply legitimise their case in my vew. I have no intention of answering to a name that isn't mine. For the three financial years that they claim I am liable for I can easily prove that I was a full-time student in 2004-05. No problem. However, for 2005-06 and 2006-07 my wife (then girlfriend) paid CT in her name at the house we lived in before our present home. Are there any other items of proof I could use (bearing in mind it was some time ago and I don't know what
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, I am on the roll of another authority and CT is being paid under my name. Obviously, this name is correct unlike the one held by Aberdeen. The thing is, they haven't got my correct name so even if they do find me surely the demand notice would have to be re-issued to the correct person? They obviously can't find my ex-flatmate either and somebody told me that means if they find me first I'll be liable for the full amount. Is that correct? The other thing is, IIRC the flat lease was granted to my flatmate's parents, I had nothing to
  6. Hello all, I'd be grateful if you could provide some advice on a Council Tax issue. It's not 100% straightforward so I'll try to give as complete a description as I can. I lived and studies as a full-time uni student in Aberdeen yrs 2001-2005. In my last academic session I stayed in a privately rented flat with a fellow student from September 2004 to April 2005. Last month, my parents (I no longer reside with them) received several letters from Aberdeen City council demanding council Taxt payments for the address that I had stayed at in Aberdeen for 2004-05, 2005-06 and 2006-
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